This page has all my remaining back issue Independent comics for sale, well below guide prices. Dark Horse, Gold Key, various other companies, Wizard Price Guide #1/2 issues and inserts, and some comic strip collection books. There's a few Silver and Bronze Age comic books, but most are Copper/Modern, and nothing past year 2000. Most are high grade. Listings are in alphabetical order by title, NOT by company. Some moderns are half cover price or less. I usually give good text descriptions before a sale, and can send bigger scans. All are Near Mint, first prints, complete, unless noted. No restoration, pressing, etc. as far as I know. More comics on the Clearance page, from .25 to $1! See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. See my Feedbacks page for testimonials. See this page on my site for Overstreet Grading Definitions.

NOTE on CGC graded comics: Most all will have some "rainbow effects spots/pools" a.k.a. "Newton's rings" on the front and/or back, where the different inner and outer plastics may touch and light refracts through them. This does not hurt the comic in any way. See more info on my CGC Graded comics page. No returns because of this effect, ok? Get FREE raw comics with them too.

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Ash #1, Event Comics, Vol. 1, 1994, by Joe Quesada. Clearance!...$1

Austin Powers 2 Special/preview/insert mag from Wizard. 16 pgs, pics, cast bios, trivia, nice centerfold poster of Mike Myers and Heather Graham...$.50

Bone Holiday Special, a Hero Illustrated insert. NM- 9.2, has usual spine edge roughness from binding...$1 (View)

Double Impact #1, Vol. 1, 1st prints:
Signed by Enrique/Ricky Carralero
, 3/26/95 at Orlando MegaCon show. With signed High Impact Studios certificate, and signed on back of wrap around chromium cover. 1 left! A mere...$5 (View)

Signed on back with NO certificate (done at same time, but they charged $5 for the cert's, so I ran out of dough to get all with cert's). 1 left! Only...$3

Unsigned #1 (3 copies left.) Clearance! Only $1 each!

Flash Gordon #18 VG 4.0. Charlton Comics, 1970. Early Mike Kaluta comic art, in backup story. VG due to light water stains along top edge; 1.25" corner crease lower right; 3/16" corner crease upper right; 4 spine kinks, with color flake at one...$3 (View)

Four Color #1238, Deputy Dawg, VF/VF+ 8.0-8.5, off-white pages, 1961. A few light spine stress marks/kinks, only a couple of which are very noticeable and most don't break color, or only at the beginning; a "pinch" spot at bottom edge from printing process; tiny color flake bottom spine tip. Nice color on cover, very clean and smooth, with sharp edges. Clearance! Was $40, steal it for only...$25 (View 580px wide, 87kb) (View 900px wide, 188kb) (View back)

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Hero Alliance: "End of the Golden Age" graphic novel. VF/NM, 1986, 1st print, Pied Piper Press. Early Ron Lim art! I really liked the comic book series (don't have any left besides this), and the graphic novel is a very good Super Hero story you'll enjoy. 46 pages. Cover has 3 vertical vein lines in upper part − 2 are about 1/2", one is 3/16". Non-color breaking though. Also has about 5 little white streaks starting below N in title and in guy's ribs & arm, but these are printing defects, not paper flakes. Cover price is $6.95, yours for 50% off...$3.50 (View)

I Spy #5. 1968, Gold Key Comics. VF+ 8.5+, slightly tanning pages. Robert Culp & 'that other guy' photo cover. A few light spine stress marks and some light reading kinks. More than 50% off guide, only...$30. Offers considered, or FREE with a $150 or more order. (View) (View back)

James Bond series:
Permission to Die
#1-3 complete set. From Eclipse Comics, writing & art by Mike Grell. $12.85 cover. #1 is NM-, maybe VF/NM, flake spot near spine, some wider gloss scratch/smears on back. Clearance!...$5 (View)
Extra #1 with a little corner bend and marks in lower left, call it VF...$1

Serpent's Tooth #1-3 complete set, from Dark Horse. Doug Moench writing and Paul Gulacy art. #3 has lower right corner break in the gloss finish. $14.85 cover. Why are these selling for more than mine on that auction site? Clearance!...$7 (View)

Shattered Helix #1 (of 2), from Dark Horse, $2.50 cover...$1 (View generic pic)
Buy all the Bond comics for $12 (saves $2).

Lone Wolf & Cub Book One TPB. 1988, First Comics, b&w, in English. By Kazuo Koike with art by Goseki Kojima. Cover art by Frank Miller and Sienkiewicz. This collects the first 6 issues in one trade paperback: The Assassin's Road, The Coming of the Cold, Pitiful Osue, The Flute of the Fallen Tiger, Headless Sakon, The White Way Between Two Rivers. Full size 6.75"x10.5", not the weenie little 4x6 stuff they did later. Dust jacket has some minor kinking in upper part, but light, and vein line in lower right. Was $19.95 in '88. Yours for 50% off...$10 (View)

Man from U.N.C.L.E./UNCLE #8. 1966, Gold Key Comics. Fine+ 6.5, lightly tanning pages. Robert Vaughn & David McCallum photo cover. A few spine stress marks/kinks, some reading kinks, but nice looking overall. Under half guide at...$10 (View) (View back)

See more about my (John Byrne's) Next Men #1, Vol. 1, 1992 (Dark Horse), CGC 9.8 on my CGC Graded comics page, for $55. (View)

See more about my Shadowman #16, Vol. 1 1993 (Valiant Comics), CGC 9.6 on my CGC Graded comics page, for $25. (View)

Shi "Tora No"/Blood of Saints #1, 2, 3 set. Crusade Comics inserts in Overstreet's Fan magazine/guide, late 1996. Complete set. #3 has the alternate cover. Average VF/VF+ (spine kinks)...$3 (View generic pic)

Tomoe #0 signed by William Tucci, Amanda Conner, & Jimmy Palmiotti at a late 1990s Orlando MegaCon, no certificate, but all signatures guaranteed. NM-. Clearance! Was $10, now only...$6 (View)

Vengeance of Vampirella Wizard mini-comic #5, signed by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Signed at same MegaCon as the Tomoe. 5.5"x6.25", new 12 page story, "What the Cards Hold". Back cover has a small 2mm x 2mm tear/hole, but hole flap covers it; and 5/8" marker pen swipe line. Clearance! Was $7, now...$5 (View)

Vengeance of Vampirella #8, polybagged with painted Vampi promo card by Bo Hampton. From Harris comics. $2.95 cover, 3 available, yours for clearance price of...$1 ea. (View)

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Wizard #1/2 comics:

Clearance! Most only $1-$2 each!
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Mail-ins from the Wizard Price Guide magazine, way below original cost. In original Wizard bags, with certificates. Number available in parentheses:

Comic Strip collection books:

(Softcover, VF/NM or better unless noted. View all my Comic Strip books)
These can be mailed at cheap media mail rate.

Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson:

The Far Side, by Gary Larson:

The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas, by Charles Schulz. From Hallmark Books, done in 2000, only sold at Hallmark stores. 7.25" x 7.25" hardcover, with 120 pages covering 50 years of daily and Sunday Peanuts strips dealing with Christmas. Color and black & white. Near Mint. $5.95 cover, yours for 50% off...$3 (View)

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