This page has all my remaining miscellaneous back issue magazines for sale. Mostly comic book related & other collectibles, a few "men's" or "mature readers", like those pictured above, and general Science Fiction. All are near mint unless noted, and most were bought off the newsstand, so they don't have mailing labels, unless noted. Sports, Star Trek, and Star Wars mags are on those pages. I can mail several in the Flat Rate Legal size envelope for $9.25. See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions.

See my Feedbacks page for testimonials, like: "Great posters and magazines in superb condition, and at reasonable prices. Very professional transaction from start to finish, and speedy delivery for my order. I would definitely recommend." - BJB, Entry #205

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Comics & Collectibles Mags, Con programs, Price Guides:

VF/NM to NM unless noted.


Batman Returns Official movie magazine (1992, Topps). 72 pages covering the 2nd movie, with cool deep 3-D Batman hologram on the cover. Over 150 photos, cast/character profiles, Batmobile and weapons info, all the behind-the-scenes stuff, etc. Has a small white flake spot above left side Batman pic, tiny corner bend in lower right, otherwise great. Still cover price ...$5.95 (View)

Comic Book Marketplace #70, Aug. 1999. NM-. Celebrates Batman's 60th anniversary, with a Neal Adams Batman & Robin cover. Put out by Overstreet/Gemstone, this is "The magazine for Golden, Silver and Bronze age comics collectors." No price guide, but has market reports from various dealers. 80 pages, this issue is pretty much all Batman. Interviews with Neal Adams (with pencil sketches throughout), Jerry Robinson, Adam West, and a text overview and graphic gallery of Batman's history, with comic covers and panels from various decades. Inside back cover and back cover have color 9-comic galleries too. Lots of nice dealer photo ads too, and regular columns. No mailing label. Tiny thumbed white stress on right edge, no tear; bottom spine corner tiny tip bump. A nice mag for Bat collectors, and not a big print run. $5.95 cover...$8 (View)

Comics Scene #6, from 1989 (inside says Vol. 4, #17, most call it Vol. 2), NM+, possible 9.8. Bob Kane Batman cover, and interview with Kane about the movie. Plus Keith Giffen on Justice League Europe, and interviews with Frank Miller, Mike Grell, Carl Barks, Chuck Dixon, Max Allan Collins, Ann Nocenti, and articles on Moon Knight, Frank Thorne's "Ribit" character, actor John Wayne Hames about the Superboy TV series, Ms. Tree and more. 70 pages, lots of pictures. Seeing higher prices on these after 30 years, so before they go up more, buy this now for only...$8 (View)

Comics Scene #9 (Vol. 4 #20 inside), VF-. Punisher cover. Articles/interviews with Michael Keaton for 1st Batman movie; Batman storyboard artist Michael White; Punisher stuff about the Dolph Lundgren movie and interview with comic writer Carl Potts; preview of the 1st Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie; the Now Comics Green Hornet series; interviews with Clayton Moore the Lone Ranger; a look at Eclipse Comics "Hobbit" adaptation; cartoon voice master Charles Fleischer on Roger Rabbit and more. Cover has a light 2" double bendy line area near Punisher name, and bit of print crease at bottom staple, and some light reading kinks. $3.95 cover, yours for...$2 (View)

Comics Buyer's Guide:

The Comics Buyer's Guide was the main hobby paper/mag for a long time. I have a few special back issues, when it was still in weekly newspaper format. Some will have a few pages with bent over corners, and maybe an ad form cut out, but otherwise complete, in very decent shape, with mailing label. Listed by date/issue number:

Sept. 15, 2000, #1400. Memorial to Carl Barks, creator of Uncle Scrooge. Letters from fans/pros about Barks' passing, 1 page tribute inside...$2 (View)

Sept. 28, 2001, #1454. Tribute to Archie comics. About 6 pages of Archie history/coverage. $3.50 cover price...$2 (View)

March 5, 2004, #1581. Memorial to Julius Schwartz, longtime editor and writer for DC comics. About 7 pages of letters/tributes/career coverage. $3.99 cover...$2 (View)

Other Comics/Humor:

Mad Magazine Super Special #89, Sept. 1993. Bagged with Spy vs. Spy hologram card #1, not available on regular newsstands. Have 3 NM/NM- copies. Wrinkles in the pic are from the bag...$8 ea. (View)
Bonus if you buy all 3 copies! Get a FREE Mad #10 from 1954. Beat .5 condition though. Covers detached, pieces/chunks out of covers, water stains, tears, center wrap detached, etc. Pages are browning, but not brittle. Appears to be complete inside. Stories are 'G.I. SHMOE!', 'Sane!' (spoof of Shane movie western), 'The Face Upon the Floor' poem, and 'Woman Wonder!'. Where else you gonna get 1 for free? (View 3 pic set) (View larger front cover) (View larger inside) (View larger back cover)

Convention/Show programs:

MegaCon programs − Held in Orlando FL.. These are nice 26-28 page programs, most have exclusive cover art I believe. Black & white interiors, with some full color ads, has small pics and bios of various media and comic book guests, ads from shops and companies, some gaming and Anime company info. Ask me if you need to know about the major guests. All mine were mailed to me so have the address printed on back, and some handling wear. I see some places asking $3-$10 for these, don't know why. Buy mine cheaper, only $1 each! (View all my Megacon programs):

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Catalogs/Collecting, Price guides etc.:

Collecting Toys Feb. 1997 issue, with Darth Vader cover. This issue has interview with Lucasfilm's Stephen Sansweet, with pics of lots of Star Wars toys in his collection, and articles on Hot Wheels, toy soldiers, Six Million Dollar Man toys, etc. Not a price guide. $3.95 cover...$1 (View)

Overstreet 'Fan' #17. Nov. 1996, Justice League cover. Sealed, has Spawn Fan Edition comic #2 (about NM-), and Shi promo card...$6 (View mag & comic)

Sci-fi Collector #1, by Beckett, April 1999. Articles and price guide for various Sci-fi stuff, including Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, both cards and toys. Nice condition. $4.99 cover...$2 (View)

"Vintage Collectables" catalog #1, from 2006 I believe. Large 9x12" glossy paper catalog featuring many of William (Bill) Hughes' amazing high-end collectibles. 114 pages with many color pics of rare collectibles. Divided into Sports (mostly baseball), Disney (rare movie posters, original animation art, comics etc.), Barbarians (lots of graded Conan and similar comics, Ken Kelly paintings), CGC graded comics like Batman & Superman (many rare high grade Golden Age comics, some original art), Champions/Marvel Mania (Gold & Silver Age comics), and Classics/Legends/Horror/Science Fiction items like movie posters, lobby cards, more graded comics of those genres. Gorgeous catalog of stuff most will never get to see or own otherwise. Has some shelfwear scratches, most on back in the gloss, but noticeable there, front has only light minor stuff, otherwise excellent condition. $30 cover price, yours for...$10 (View front & back)

Wizard #65, Dec. 1996/Jan. 1997 (2) − Wolverine cover, double-size issue. Bags opened, but has an X-Men/WildCATS poster, and 5.5"x8.5" sheet of 9 gift tags w/various comic characters: Spawn, Milk & Cheese, Lady Death, Witchblade, Hellboy, Avengelyne, Concrete, Animal Mystic, and Bone...$2 ea. (View set) (View gift tags)

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Misc. Men's/Mature Audience:

Femme Fatales:

Covers Scream Queens and Horror/Sci-Fi movies mostly. All are Near Mint newsstand copies, no mailing labels. Cover price was about $6, most of mine are still that. The publisher wants $10-$20 ea. for these, and is out of most of mine. (I see people paying $9.99-$16.99 for these on auction/buy-it-now all the time, why?) Requires an "Over 18" age statement:

January 1997 Vol. 5, #7 − Elvira photo cover. CGC graded 9.6. Highest graded of all Femme Fatales Elvira issues, and only 1 graded of this issue. See more info on my CGC Comics page...$150 (View)

June 1997 Vol. 5, #12 − "Sci-fi's Sexy 50", Natasha Henstridge (of "She Spies" TV show and Species movies) cover painting. Usual suspects like Kristen Cloke, Star Trek women, Emmanuelle Beart, various Vampire women, Bond Girls, Lucy Lawless, B movie queens, and many more. Articles on Cynthia Geary, Sheeri Rappaport for "Little Witches" movie, Alice Krige (Trek's Borg Queen), Honey Gregory, Jocelyn Seagrave, centerfold of thong-wearing Tiffany Shepis, w/interview and more hot pics of her; Jodie Fisher, Swedish model Ahnna Rasch and more. These are the best issues of the year. NM-...$6 (View)


FHM #1, U.S. version, March/April 2000. Rachael Leigh Cook cover (and it's not Rachel, or Lee/Liegh or Cooke). First USA issue, comes in unopened bag, with a separate supplement of exclusive photos of some of the "World's Sexiest Women", including Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Shania Twain, other celebs and various models. A "Men's magazine" (FHM stands for "For Him Magazine"), meaning mature audience. Have 2 copies...$8 ea. (View)

Sports Illustrated 25th Anniversary Swimsuit issue, Feb. 1989 (Vol. 70, #6). CGC 9.2, 3rd highest grade, VERY few graded. Kathy Ireland on cover. Newsstand copy, no mailing label. See more info on my CGC Comics page...$180 (View)

General Sci-Fi related:

Cinescape #0, 1994. A preview issue that was a Hero Illustrated magazine insert. Full size 8.5"x11", 34 pages, covers mostly new movies. Jim Carrey as The Mask cover and movie preview article, plus Star Trek Generations & Voyager coverage, James Bond, Aliens vs. Predator "story behind the movie", Flintstones live action movie special effects and more. Lots of pics too. Have 2, VF+ or better...$1 ea. (View)

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