The basic ordering info is first, but PLEASE read all of the policies and rules so you know what to do to make this a smooth and quick transaction. I know this is a long page, but it has ALL the details you need and then some, and you can at least skim the Bold and Red text quickly so you know the main stuff. Thanks. Items are kept in a smoke and pet free home. Site is kept up to date, so unless there's an "on hold" by an item, it should be available, unless just spoken for or in negotiations. See my Feedbacks page for testimonials, and more on my older feedbacks page.

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Contact and Ordering Info

Email ordering info:

about the item(s) you're interested in (your browser's JavaScript choice must be ON to see/use my e-mail links). PLEASE tell me at least your zip code, or your WHOLE address if you're sure you're buying, on your first email, so I can figure the shipping and tell you faster, that will save time and emails. If the e-mail link doesn't work/won't open to your e-mail page, here's an image so you can read it: email address image . OR just hold your cursor/arrow over the e-mail text link, and it will show the e-mail address down in your status bar and you can write it down off that—the part AFTER "mailto"—and type it in your e-mail "To" field. To save time typing a list, if you don't know already, learn how to do "copy & paste" in your computer's Help files, or read this page on —will open in new window— practice it, and thank me later.

AOL people need to put my e-mail address in your address book BEFORE you write me, or use a non-AOL account, otherwise my reply may be blocked (check your junk folder). This advice may apply to other heavily spam guarded e-mail accounts, so be aware of how your account works. I don't do instant messaging, for multiple reasons.

IMPORTANT! Please read the Communication Expectations here too, it will help things go faster, thanks.

Phone ordering info:

General Payment Info:

Other accepted payment methods:

If mailing payment, I expect it to be mailed within a day or two after the deal is completed, under most circumstances, unless told differently beforehand, so it's best to wait until you HAVE the money before you tell me you want to buy something. If you won't be able to send the money for a week or more, it's ok to ask in advance about shipping costs, condition details, etc., but please SAY UP FRONT you can't pay until the end of the week or next payday, because I'll only hold stuff a couple days in advance of payment being sent, not 5 days or more anymore. And please confirm when the money has been mailed, on the day it's mailed if possible, thanks. I recommend sending me a phone number for back-up in case either of us has computer trouble.

Please read Further Payment Info at some point.

I'm in Nokomis FL, just north of Venice, in Sarasota County. For local security purposes, if you're mailing payment, I'll email you my name and address, otherwise everyone is using Square, so safer to not post my address these days.

General Shipping Info:

Exact shipping charged, no handling or other padding fees like most of those auction sellers do.

I ship only in the U.S.A., to all 50 states and U.S. territories like Puerto Rico too (but territory buyers must pay with U.S. Post Office money orders only), and maybe Canada. More info for Canadians down the page.

I can normally send orders out the same or next day after a mailed payment is received, unless a personal check has to clear. I always confirm arrival of money, and mailing of order. If there's a tracking number, I'll send that too.

I will ship to military APO/FPO addresses, but not to overseas addresses that are private residences, just so you know. Military people please tell me where you are in general, i.e. state/country if possible and allowed. Restrictions may apply to certain goods, so I need to know for that reason too.

I usually use the Post Office, but UPS is available too.

Insurance − Priority Mail now includes insurance up to $100 value like UPS does, and free tracking, and I'll cover the extra insurance cost for over $100 value, so take that into account for total price.

Please see Further Shipping Info for more details.

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Communication Expectations:

#1 − PLEASE REPLY IN A TIMELY FASHION, which I define as 24-48 hours or less. If you know you can't reply that quickly due to life/work, PLEASE TELL ME THAT AT THE START, it's only common sense, and is something you should always warn everyone of, ok? Then I'll know to give you more time to reply than normal before I do follow-ups, or give up waiting and maybe sell the item to someone else. I generally answer e-mails within minutes to hours, so expect a fast reply (except in the morning—I'm not on the computer till the afternoon, Eastern time zone, and then late at night too). So if you start a deal, or ask a question about buying something, PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL LATER THAT DAY/evening or next day at the latest for my reply, and reply back then, and not days later just because that's your normal schedule, and there's no good reason you can't check your email more often, ok?

If you only have internet/e-mail at work, school or library etc., please let me know that before you leave for the day/weekend/business trip after you've contacted me (check your mail again before you leave work too!), so I don't wonder why you haven't responded back for days. I know not everyone has a smart/internet capable cell phone too.

#2 − KEEP ME INFORMED RIGHT AWAY OF ANY PAYMENT DELAYS, order changes, etc., and reasons for them, if they're not state secrets or highly personal stuff I don't need the details too, ok? If you're going out of town, or are already out of town, and won't be able to mail payment till you get back days later, PLEASE TELL ME AT THE START, not a week later when I ask you when/if the money got mailed because it hasn't come yet. If it's a sudden trip, try to get someone to e-mail me as soon as you can to let me know, ok? If you suddenly can't afford the purchase, just be honest and say so— don't just stop answering my e-mails till I give up. Communication saves a lot of stress and extra e-mails.

Further Info/Other Policies

(Payments, Shipping, Shipping Info Links, Satisfaction Guarantee, Privacy, About Me)

Further Payment Info:

If you're mailing payment, Post Office money orders save me time and gas. They cost $1.75 for up to $500, and $2.40 up to $1000. Keep the top stub until you get your order! Walmart, convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations, banks, etc., offer money orders too, some may be free if you have the right bank account. Point being there's other places with all kinds of business hours that you can get a money order from in most towns, if the P.O. is not convenient.

IMPORTANT TIP: If mailing me a money order, take a stamped/addressed envelope WITH YOU when you go get the money order, so you can mail it then too. Too many people just get the M.O. first and then forget for days to mail it, and they don't TELL me that, and that makes me waste time e-mailing them to ask "where's the money?"

I can take time payments for orders over $50, let's talk! 25% deposit normally required, and will provide other details via e-mail, as it varies with the item/expense.

For fastest paying when time matters most, you can use MoneyGram or Western Union, online, by phone, or in person at an agent location. MoneyGram transfers can be done at Walmart stores or Walmart's site too (you'll have to create an account at Walmart's site first though, if doing it online, so may be more involved than on MoneyGram's site). There are different receiving times, dollar limits and options at Walmart than at, so read carefully. Between the two you can have money sent within 10 minutes, to 3 days, but some options only apply to using your checking account. You can pay via ACH debit from your bank account, or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) for online transfers, or use cash in person at a MoneyGram retail location. However, there's a $500 monthly limit for credit cards. You can use their Fee Estimator to find the rates for the amount and time frame you need.

Walmart also now offers "Walmart-2-Walmart" payment transfers, for less than MoneyGram or W.U., starting at a $4 fee for up to $50, then it's $8 for $51-$900. Only available IN Walmart stores, not online.

More info about Western Union payments can be found at Western Union, or 1-800-CALL-CASHsm.

All those charge a fee of course, but it's faster than Express mail, and may be cheaper than Express mail for payments under $75-$200, and they take credit & debit cards. Money can be received within minutes of being sent (highest fees), or just same or next day, for a smaller fee (generally $5 or so for up to $50, might only be during holiday specials, then usually jumps to double digit fees for over $50, so you could do 2 transfers of under $50 each and save a little, if buying less than $100 of stuff). While online is more convenient, apparently it's cheaper to use cash at an Agent Location. Be aware that using a credit card may be considered a Cash Advance, with all the fees and interest rates that apply, so check with your card company.

Rules for Personal checks:

#1: Personal checks must clear (usually only a few days now, but depends on the bank, so expect a 5-6 business day hold time before I ship your order), unless I've dealt with you before or your bank has branches here. Extra ID info required on checks, please read below.

If your bank has a branch near me (and there's multiple big banks in same area as mine), I can forgo having the I.D. info since I'll cash the check at your bank, but I'll need to know who you bank with ahead of time, so tell me that up front when you know you'll be paying by check, it will save us e-mails, ok? Thanks.

If giving this info bothers you too much, please get a money order from somewhere or send an online/bill pay check from your bank, which is free with most banks. I'd rather wait a few extra days for that, if necessary, than 5-6 or more days for a personal check to clear anyway, and I'm tired of explaining the check policy again to people who don't agree with it and send a check without the ID info, and don't tell me ahead of time. Plus, it costs twice as much gas money to go to my bank and back (or any of the multiple banks in that area) than to my P.O., and I don't go out much, so I may wait a day or two after receiving a check before I deposit it, in order to combine trips, so that may delay things even more. As noted above, you can get money orders from many places, with all kinds of business hours. Thanks.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! Paying by personal check means you agree to these terms:
If you bounce a check with me, you will be liable for ALL my bank fees and possible legal fees/expenses/penalties that may arise from that action, including below minimum balance fees, and other fees/expenses from any checks of mine that bounce because yours did. I expect people to correct the problem IMMEDIATELY after notification, and IMMEDIATELY pay me back for the fees, unless some extenuating circumstance exists that will delay you paying, and I expect to be told about that THEN, not a week later, if possible. I'll give you a reasonable time to correct things, but failure to follow through may eventually force me to file charges, and you don't want that, right? Bouncing a check is a crime, and can cause you all kinds of problems and cost you lots more money, so take it seriously. I do. Make SURE your bank account can cover your check BEFORE it gets here, check it again when I tell you it arrives, and make SURE other family members aren't withdrawing money and not telling you, or that you haven't forgotten about your bills paid automatically. Do not rely on Direct Deposits or transfers being available for withdrawal in the nick of time. Some people don't seem to realize that newly deposited/transferred money may not be available for withdrawal for 24-48 hours, or that the dates change for direct deposits some months, so don't take things involving banks and computers for granted. Thanks.

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Further Shipping info:

I usually ship through the Post Office, and the UPS Store is available too, both are close to me. When applicable, I'll give you choices of rates/costs. I don't charge any "handling" fees either, so compare shipping costs before you buy, as my total price may be cheaper, even if I'm higher on the item price than other places.

Note to Canadians: I've pretty much stopped selling to Canada, due to all the hassle, mostly for Canadians. Postal rates have risen a lot the last few years. Then there's currency exchange fees, customs duty tax, $5 customs handling fee, goods tax, province tax, high money order fees, etc., and me having to explain all that all the time to new buyers so they're not shocked when they get the customs bill. And UPS Ground charges a hefty brokerage fee starting at $40 item value (on top of the shipping charges), and a possible fee for them advancing payment for customs fees, and a C.O.D. fee, on top of your other fees/taxes! So I no longer recommend UPS Ground service to Canada. So if you can handle all that, and you're aware it may cost you much more than the U.S. price, and you can afford that, then we can talk. Or if you've bought from me before and know all this, I'll still sell to you. You can pay with a credit card via Square's Invoice program if I can ship to a U.S. address. Mailed payments must be made in U.S. funds on a money order (no personal checks!), payable through a U.S. bank. Canada Post US money orders are preferred too. MoneyGram transfers are available at most of your P.O.'s too, from what I'm told. (click to jump back to general shipping info)

Insurance coverage/claims− Priority Mail now includes insurance for the first $100, and I will pay for the extra insurance on most items/orders if over that value, or if sent by UPS and over $100 value, so take that into account for total price. The insured value does NOT usually include the shipping charges, ok? It might sometimes. Damaged goods will have to be inspected by an agent of the shipping service, and they usually TAKE THEM from you. I will file the paperwork, but you must keep all the packaging materials as it came until they inspect it.
If damaged when it arrives to you, then save the item(s), box and all the packing for the inspector
, and we'll file the claim work, if insured.
Please do not return the item until the shipping service's inspector inspects it. They may ask you to return it then, but most likely will take it themselves. Just let me know which, thanks.

More tips and policies, PLEASE READ:

Satisfaction guaranteed, should you disagree with the grading/condition or something's wrong with the item that I missed, or return for refund/exchange, excluding shipping (unless I made some huge mistake), within 7 calendar days of receipt, as long as item is in same condition as sent, and of course is the same item. I must receive the item back before I will issue any refunds/exchanges. Returns are NOT accepted simply because you don't like it, or it's not what you expected, or you found it cheaper after mine's been mailed—please make sure you know what you want, and ask for details. I've had no returns (that weren't the fault of the shipping service damaging something), so order with confidence, but always ask for more details if you're unsure about a description, or if you're extra picky! I want people to be happy with what they buy, and I want to keep the money!

Please LOOK AT THE CALENDAR and note if it's near the 1st of the month and you have bills or rent due soon, before you go asking to buy stuff and then delay paying or cancel on me because you didn't realize bills were due and you can't afford the stuff for another 2 weeks.

If you have someone else mail payment, please make sure they did it when they were supposed to, as many times I'm finding payments delayed for days/weeks because others were responsible for mailing and they didn't do it for whatever reason. I keep my customers informed when payments haven't arrived when expected, so if you get an e-mail from me saying "no payment by today," etc., PLEASE reply quickly and let me know when/if it was sent, and check right away with whoever else was in charge of mailing, and not 5 days later after I tell you again it still hasn't come, thanks!

Generally if you don't hear from me by 2 days at most, it either means my computer is broken/power outage, I'm having service provider problems, or your e-mail server won't let me reply, or my reply got sent to your junk mail folder (so check that!), so please contact me again by phone or from another e-mail address from a different provider.

Privacy policy:

I don't sell, rent, give away or pass on any of your info to anyone, unless I have your permission, and that's usually only for references. I don't have an ezine or newsletter. The only info I keep is your name and an e-mail address, for my reference/records only, and sometimes I'll contact past customers about new additions or price reductions, but that's about it. Drivers license info on checks is not stored on the computer either, or used for any purpose unless there's a problem with a bad check that isn't being cleared up. My webhost, Tripod/Lycos, uses cookies as most do, and I have no control over that. My site also uses a visitor tracking service by AFS Analytics. This service, which complies with the general data protection regulations, may save personal data (as defined by the GDPR) as a subcontractor, including a unique number consisting of alphanumeric characters identifying you. This encrypted data is saved on secure servers located in France or in Canada. Canada guarantees data protection under Articles 44 and 46 of the GDPR. No banking information is transmitted to AFS Analytics. Only I and AFS have access to this data. AFS Analytics does not share, sell, or claim any rights to this data. The storage duration is limited to 365 days by default. You may request the deletion or modification of this data by contacting DataSense, the company responsible for data by AFS Analytics. This service uses cookie technology. The cookies are exclusively attached to the domain name, first-party cookies and are not shared. The data collected makes it possible to provide statistical traffic data. I'm the sole owner of these cookies, and you can block them in your browser, or click here to opt out of AFS Analytics cookies.

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About Me:

I'm an experienced collector and seller, so I know both sides of the table, and have plenty of references, so you can order with confidence! You'll only be dealing with me, and I bought much of my stuff via mail order, so am familiar with the problems, and do my best to make sure they don't happen when you order from me. (And a lot of that depends on you reading this page, ok?) You'll get better, faster and more honest service than most places, even the big dealers. See my Feedbacks page for testimonials, and more on my older feedbacks page.

If you must know, you can see some of the reasons I don't use PP at this article on about a lawsuit they lost in 2004, and there's multiple more such news over the years you can find: PP Class Action lawsuit.

I've never cheated anyone out of their money or merchandise, something PP and tens of thousands of their users can't claim. My feedbacks will attest to my integrity as a seller, so as Ripley's says, "Believe it, or not."

And for you people selling anything, I'm not buying, that's stated all over my site, so offers to buy collections or items will be not be answered. I'm also not trading, or interested in your service, newsletter or carrying your products, so please don't spam me with those e-mails, thanks.


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