This page has all my remaining Warner Brothers cartoon character merchandise for sale, from Batman to Looney Tunes to Hanna-Barbera. There's toys, beanbag dolls, cereal premiums, Warner Bros. Studio Store items, mail-ins, and other modern memorabilia. (But Batman comics are on the DC comics page.) Most items are in like-new condition, unless noted. Some of it was only available at the WB Studio Stores, which closed back in 2001. I charge exact shipping, so my total price may be less than others who may have the item cheaper but charge high shipping, so ask for a quote! See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions.

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Batman collectibles:

Beanbag/bean bag doll, 1998, sold at the Warner Bros. Stores. Based on the Animated Series cartoon version. As new, with attached tags. (See the rest of my beanbags list in next section.) Was $7 new...$5 (View) (View all my WB beanbags)

Bat logo/symbol baseball cap/hat. Brand new with all tags, fully licensed by DC, bought in dept. store for a good deal to pass along to you. Standard black cloth, full coverage (no mesh), adjustable snapback, flat yellow bill. The bat symbol on front is shiny plastic, sewn on to the yellow oval. Back has 'Batman' embroidered on it. Underneath the bill are images of him too. High $30 list price on the tag, but buy mine for only...$8 (View)

Glow-in-the-dark flying disc, a mail-in offer from the 1989 Batman cereal. Technically not a 'Frisbee', as that's a brand name, but it's the same thing. 9" diameter, near mint in mailer bag. To clear up any confusion from bad info you may see in auctions, the copyright date of 1940 on it refers to the Bat Symbol image copyright date, not the year this disc was produced, ok? They didn't make plastic flying discs in 1940, duh! Have 2...$20 ea. (View)

Pez dispenser, 1985 copyright. LOOSE, medium blue, with feet, short ears. Made in Austria, 3.942.683 patent number. Was packaged forever, but ants found it, so now it's 'mint out of package.' These are NOT rare, they made millions of them for several years, so don't believe the B.S. auction sellers who claim it's rare. Why are so many asking high single digit to double digit prices for the exact same loose ones, when carded ones are barely selling for the same or less? Buy mine for...$3 (View)

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Beanbag/Bean Bag/Plush dolls:

View all my WB beanbags

(Can't call them "beanies," as that's a trademark of Ty Inc., and these aren't by Ty.) All of mine are bean-filled type (vs. stuffed 'plush' dolls), and are Batman, Looney Tunes, and Hanna-Barbera characters. All are from the WB Store or catalog, and 1998 releases, except for 1999 Tweety in skeleton costume. They range from about 8" to 10" tall. All are as new, with attached tags and hangers, from smoke free home. I'm not a tag fanatic, and some will have bends on them, so if you're a tag condition fanatic, let me know and I'll tell you the tag condition. Pics are of mine. Were $7 new, mine are only $5 each:

Cereal premiums, mail-ins, and misc. stuff:

Fred & Barney "Pull-Back" Dino Racers. Pebbles Cereal premiums. 1 of each in package, 2 sets left. Pull 'em back and watch 'em go! Opened a set for the pic, others are sealed in bag...$3/set (View)

Superman logo/symbol baseball cap/hat. Brand new with all tags, fully licensed by DC, bought in local dept. store for a good deal to pass along to you. Standard navy blue cloth, full coverage (no mesh), adjustable snapback, flat red bill. Yellow and red 'S' symbol is sewn on front, his name is embroidered on back. Underside has a couple images of Supes too. Price tag says $30, but buy mine for only...$8 (View)

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