This page has all my remaining non-original comic book and other art for sale. Promotional and regular posters, prints, pin-up calendars (paintings), and 1 Woody Woodpecker animation cel. Art is as new unless noted, and has not been displayed, so no sun fade. I do take payments on sales over $50, so don't be shy. See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions.

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NOTE: My only original art are Star Trek paintings by Sonia Hillios, on their own page.

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Woody Woodpecker "50 Years A Star" animation cel hand signed by Walter Lantz. #214/250 limited edition hand-painted cel (not 'cell', there's only 1 'L') of six images of Woody's changes through the years, to celebrate his 50th anniversary. Produced in 1990. Large 26.75"x37.75" framed size, with Universal Studios seal and certificate. Black painted wood frame (couple dents/nicks), with acrylic front. Can ship without the frame if you want, but with the foam core and acrylic for protection. Signature and number are still strong, but probably a little bit faded since new, as sharpie ink will do, but many I've seen have very faded sigs. Be leery of paying for faded signatures/numbers, and signed-but-unnumbered ones, as I'm fairly sure this was only released as a numbered edition. There may have been print overruns that were later signed at an appearance before Mr. Lantz died, but ask for the certificate or other proof, and pass if they have none. Mine is guaranteed 100% authentic. Was $1700 new NOT framed, and galleries told me years ago their price would be $2500-$3000, but doubt they ever got that or could now. I paid $1200 for mine, as part of a group of 4 cels bought at an auction, and I lost money selling the other 3 (yeah, boo-hoo for me), so asking...$1200, or taking offers. (View) (View part of certificate) (View signature/number)

Lithographs, Prints, Regular Posters:

"Bio-Dome" 1996 movie promo one-sheet. 26"x39.5", folded, 1995 copyright. For the movie starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, noted by many critics as one of the worst films ever. Shows both actors standing 'naked', holding globes of the Earth in front of them, so not at all like the normal version sent to theaters. I couldn't find any pics of this on the net, but there's plenty of the regular movie poster pics, so this may be pretty rare. But does anyone care? Maybe fans of either celebrity would like to see them shirtless, and in their younger days? There's some very light handling kinks here and there, one small wear hole in the center fold/crease, but no other tears, no writing, no pin holes, very nice overall. May appeal to collectors of bad movie memorabilia too. Be the envy of your dorm with this scarce item for just...$10 (View)

"Body Shots" movie advance one-sheet. This was a 1999/2000 movie about young adults, starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Jerry O'Connell, Amanda Peet, Tara Reid, Ron Livingston, Emily Procter, Brad Rowe, Sybil Temchen. Original release, 27"x40", shows blue tinted b&w half-body shots of the main actors. I have 2, better one has only very minor handling kinks here and there, excellent condition, other one has a very very light indent line down the length of it, from being rolled with rubber band apparently, seen better on back, barely shows on front, plus a few light kinks and edge stuff. Cheap wall art if you're a fan of any of these actors.
Better one is only...$3
Other one is only...$1 (View)

Donald Duck & nephews Chevy car dealer advertising banner. SUPER RARE! This large vinyl/plastic banner was made in the 1980s I think, and has Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie riding in a flying car. It's a huge 4 feet by 6 feet, and has about 8 little splits (3/4" to 2") in it here and there (several in car hood under windshield), patched by clear tape on the back. Has some slight 'ribbing' effect from being rolled so long, which you can see some in the pic. Nice condition otherwise, and stored rolled in a tube since I've had it. It was for a promotional campaign for renting Chevrolets from National Car Rental and going to Disneyland, and the Anaheim Hilton is mentioned on it too. I got it from a guy way back in the late 1980's, who worked for an Arizona Chevy dealership, and he got it a few years before that. Not sure if it was only a regional promotion or national, but likely regional, and most were thrown out. The several inch wide border at the top is clear, but shows as black as it's laying on a black sheet. Larger pic available. You'll likely never find another one, so for the Disney/Donald Duck/Chevy/Car advertising collector who thinks they have everything, you need this! If wall space is a problem, there's always the ceiling. Considering that even modern limited edition Disney lithographs and animation cels sell for several hundred to a thousand dollars plus, that are much smaller, and almost always available, shouldn't this be worth much more due to scarcity alone, much less size?...$300 (View)

Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour, 15"x19". From the 1989 North American tour, sponsored by "Bud", with group shot. Not rare apparently, and seen prices from $3.99 to $17, with usually high shipping. Near Mint unused condition. Yours for only...$3 (View)

Seekers into the Mystery hanging mobile thingy. From the DC/Vertigo comic book series, this is a comic store promo item from 1995. Has 5 double sided punch-out color art images from the series (each is 5"−6" across or so), including the title banner that they hang from, and string. As shown on the mounting card, it's 38.5"x10". Have 3, all unused and unpunched. Pic shows 2 of them, so you can see both sides...$3 ea. (View)

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Comic Book Promotional Posters:

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Most are from the early to mid-1990's, most were never pinned or taped up. Most are folded like they came, but some were flat/rolled, and those are noted. Most are very decent to excellent condition, but all will have some normal light handling kinks and various bends near the main folds or near the top or edges, so don't expect anything perfect, despite how the pictures look. No tears, peels or tape. Many times this is the only way the art was produced, so these can be collectible, and many were thrown out after the shops were done with them, so snatch these while you can. Pics are of mine. Main artists are named. Buy $20 or more and get 20% off.

Marvel & DC:

Image, Top Cow etc.:


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Pin-Up Art Calendars:

All are near mint and unused, unless noted.
(Others on The Office, Sports, and Star Trek pages)

1997 "The American Pin-Up", by Taschen. 12"x13.5". 1940s-50s style art by Gil Elvgren (4), Edward Runci (3), William Medcalf (2), Edward D'Aconna (1), Harry Ekman (1), Earl Mac Pherson/MacPherson/McPherson (1). Text in English, French and German. Nice! 4 available. Cut off the pics and frame them as prints for the wall if you want. I see auction sellers cutting up these and selling them for $3.99 a page or more! Why would you pay that, when even at full price you could get a whole calendar for $12 or so? At my price, it's just .33 a pic! Clearance!...$4 ea. (View front) (View Feb.) (View back with all months)

Olivia Calendars, Jumbo Phone Card:

(View all my Olivia items here)

Gorgeous pin-up/cheesecake paintings by the modern day Vargas, Olivia De Berardinis, known for her centerfold art in Playboy. (All contain nudity, so will need "over 18" statement from buyer.) All are clean and unused. Many feature famous models like Pam Anderson, Julie Strain, Bettie Page, Rhonda Ridley, and Tracy Tweed. Some are signed by Olivia, which I ordered through Diamond Comics Dist. when new, but they provided no certificates, but I will guarantee the signatures are authentic. This is the cheapest way to get quality art by Olivia, and I only have 1 of each. You could remove the paintings from the unsigned ones and frame them, and they'd look great on the wall, like mini-lithographs or prints. VERY cheap way to decorate your walls! (And beware auction sellers who cut these up and sell the single prints for several dollars each! WHY would you pay that, ever?) Published by Landmark for 1994-1997, and then Ozone. 12"x12" closed, with full page art on the top of the months.

1994, Very Fine+ or better. Has a ding/light bend in upper left corner area (Diamond Dist. never packed these very well), with a 1/2" long mush-in at edge, and a light light semi-V-shaped bend line about 3/4" in, that affects most pages, but mostly in margins, and barely noticeable. Pam Anderson cover, with more of her inside, plus Rhonda, Tracy Tweed etc., and famous prints like Kitty, Dark Angel, Pinky, Cowgirl, and Tattoo II...$12 (View)

1995, Very Fine+ or better. Minor edge curl at lower left corner, and corner bump on back top left. Cover image from her Let Them Eat Cheesecake book (full image inside), with Nylon Jungle (Pamela Anderson), Tracy Tweed, Bon Bons and more...$13 (View)

1996, Very Fine+ or better. Corner tip ding upper right, goes in about 3/8", and tiny tip ding in lower right. This has Zebra Lady III, Coconuts, Rapunzel etc., with a couple of the amazing Rhonda Rydell...$12 (View)

1997 signed by Olivia, in gold ink on front. Of course, Diamond's lousy packing got the lower right corner bent, with a 3/8" or so bend/mush that goes throughout. Top left back corner also got a ding/mush, but neither affect art. Was $37 retail new, and still...$37 (View)

2000 signed by Olivia, in gold ink on front. Now produced by Ozone. Of course it has lower right corner 1/4" bend, and light bend about 3/4" farther in, but not creased, but both go through the calendar. Julie Strain "Some Dames Pack Heat" cover, with more Julie inside, plus new Sandra Taylor, and some repeats of previous years...$37 (View)

Olivia De Berardinis signed "Two Minute Warning" jumbo size, #27 of only 65! 4.25"x6.5", from 1995, by Comic Images and MMC Interactive Exchange. 40 minutes, expired, never used. Beautiful Olivia painting with topless girl (pic censored for my site), they did unsigned ones of this too, but only did 65 signed ones, making this a rare signed Olivia collectible. Jumbos didn't seem to catch on back in the heyday of the phone card explosion, but that usually means down the road they become sought after by completists or collectors of the more unusual. This had a retail price of $60 with Olivia's autograph. Still at original price...$60 (View)

Buy all the Olivia calendars for $94, saves $17.

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