This page has all my remaining back issue Marvel comic books for sale, well below guide prices, from Avengers to Spider-Man to X-Men and many in between. A few Silver and Bronze Age comics left, but mostly Copper/Modern, including some graphic novels. Most are high grade, some are CGC graded. Some moderns are half cover price or less. I usually give good text descriptions before a sale, so don't be turned off by a scan or lack of one, just ask for a better description, or bigger scan. All are Near Mint, first prints, complete, unless noted. No restoration, pressing, etc. as far as I know. More comics on the Clearance page, from .25 to $1! See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. See this page on my site for Overstreet Grading Definitions.

See my Feedbacks page for testimonials, like: "I can't say enough about how awesome Charles is to work with. It was nice to revisit his site years later and find that there were a lot of great deals. He is very fair on price and he is definitely easy to work with on ordering. I highly recommend him to any comic collector." - Steven Petrea, Entry #206

NOTE on CGC graded comics: Some will have some "rainbow effects spots/pools" a.k.a. "Newton's rings" on the front and/or back, where the different inner and outer plastics may touch and light refracts through them. This does not hurt the comic in any way. See more info on my CGC Graded comics page. No returns because of this effect, ok? Get FREE raw comics with them too.

PLEASE read the main points on the "How to Order" page if interested in buying anything, before you e-mail or call me, thanks. I can take credit card orders via Square's Invoice program. I'm NOT buying, thanks. Site navigation links are at the bottom of all pages. "View" links are set to open in a new window/tab, so just close them to return here.

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Spider-Man comics:

See more about my CGC'd Spider-Mans on my CGC comics page:
Spider-Gwen #1 9.8 for $100.
Spider-Man 2099 #1 9.4 (1992 series) for $70.
Spider-Verse #1 (July 2015) CGC 9.8, reduced, was $80, now $70.
Venom Vs. Carnage #1 9.8 reduced, was $90, now $80.

Amazing Spider-Man #365. First appearance of Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara in 3 page preview in the back. Rarer NEWSSTAND version. White pages, with Spidey vs. Venom vs. Carnage poster intact. Hologram cover tribute to Amazing Fantasy #15. 80 pages. Nice NM/NM-, main defects are 3 color breaking spine stress marks, very common with this issue. Top one is about 1/8", middle one is about 1/4", and there's a little scuff/scratch on the curved part just below it, and bottom one is lightest and 1/8". Hologram is pretty clean, only 1 tiny flake spot on right side about a 1/2" below Spidey's elbow. Doesn't have the usual spine corner chips/ticks though. Clean black cover without the common shelf scuffing. Back cover is white and clean except for 1 tiny brown dot on lower margin. Have seen multiples with 3 stress marks get 9.4 from CGC, others 9.2, so to be on the safe side I'm going to call it 9.2. Yours for...$30 (View pic #1) (View pic #2) (View spine pic)

(Peter Parker) The Spectacular Spider-Man #28 Vol. 1, 1976 series: NM- 9.2. Pt. 2 of the Daredevil crossover, Frank Miller art. Has about 4 very small spine kinks/stress marks, all very very short...$20 (View)

The Last Avengers Story #1 (of 2). Prestige format, acetate cover, Marvel "alterniverse" story. Peter David writing, painted art by Olivetti. $5.95 cover price. I never got pt. 2, nuts. So let's go...$3 (View)

Black Panther: Panther's Prey mini-series #1-4 set, prestige format, $19.80 cover price. Clearance!...$9.99 (View)

Captain America #444. 1st Mark Waid issue, comes with Overpower card, mine's Black Cat. NM-/9.2, has thin 1/8" corner tip crease in lower right...$3 (View)

Darkman movie button/pin. From 1990, for the 1st movie by Sam Raimi. 1.75"x2.75". Has the catch phrase "Who is Darkman?" in white letters on black background...$1 (View)

See more about my Devil's Reign #1/2s in 9.8 for $70 each on the CGC graded comics page.

Fantastic Five #1-5 set. 1999. Future Marvel Universe MC2 story, only 5 issues made. By Tom DeFalco, art by Paul Ryan. $1.99 cover. #2 has the bookmark insert. #3 is NM-, #5 is VF/NM, others are NM. Yours for 50% off cover...$5 (View generic pic)

See more about my FF #347 in 9.6 for $40 on the CGC graded comics page.

Fantastic Four #1 Marvel Milestone reprint edition. 1991. NM-. Nice quality paper, reprints the 1st issue from 1961. $2.95 cover. These are NOT remotely scarce, so don't believe that hype and pay way over cover price. Buy mine for...$3 (View)

Fantastic Four 1234 set of 1-4. Marvel Knights series, 2001, $2.99 cover price. Grant Morrison writing, Jae Lee art. Vs. Dr Doom naturally. #1 is VF/NM or better, #4 is NM-, others are NM. Yours for 50% off cover...$6 (View generic pic)

Generation X #1, with wrap-around chromium cover. Half cover price @...$2 (View)

See more about my Ghost Rider #31 CGC 9.8 for $80, Ghost Rider/Blaze #1 newsstands 9.6 for $40-$60, and Guardians of the Galaxy #5 CGC 9.8 for $100 on my CGC page.

See more about my Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 CGC 9.6 for $50, and Invincible Iron Man #1 (2017) CGC 9.6 for $50 on my CGC page.

Iron Man: Crash softcover. 1988. 1st all computer generated graphic novel. NM-, with little corner bump. Huge cover price increase to $12.95, let's go a mere...$5 (View)

Marshal Law Takes Manhattan one-shot ("Crime & Punishment" at top). Epic Comics. Mature readers. $4.95 cover. Clearance!...$1

Marvel Comics Presents, 1988 series. Mostly Wolverine and Ghost Rider stories, with short stories of other characters too. Sam Keith covers on some too: #86, 90, 91, 92...$1 each.

Marvel Fanfare #51 is a double size all-new Silver Surfer story (Fanfare #3, #33 are on the Clearance page). NM- or VF/NM (thumbed wrinkle line back cover open edge)...$1 (View)

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Marvel Super-Heroes #15, Vol. 1, 1968. F/VF 7.0 to VF- 7.5, white pages. All new Medusa (of the Inhumans) story, by Archie Goodwin, art by Gene Colan, plus reprints. Medusa vs. the Trapster, Sandman and the Wizard. Nice copy, and it has the "normal" printing spots all over the cover from them stacking them before ink was dry, which most of this issue's print run had. They show some in the scan as the pinkish spots in the title, but show more in person. Main defect is a vertical 1.5" upward bend ridge near right edge, about 3" up from the bottom. No color break, and doesn't show in the scan, but noticeable in person; minor little kink spot at bottom left edge in Medusa's foot; top right corner has faint 1/2" mostly vertical bend to it, hardly noticeable; 3-4 worthless short stress marks on spine in the white border, they show more on the flat edge; decently square spine, and cover is otherwise smooth, edges are clean; back cover has some usual transfer "dirt", not bad...$24 (View)

Marvels Vol. 1. From the acclaimed 1994 Alex Ross 4 part mini-series, 52 pages with acetate coves.
#2, Angel from X-Men cover. Minor lower spine corner kink in acetate cover. $5.95 cover price. Buy it for only...$3 (View)
#4, View reflection in Spider-Man's mask of Gwen and Green Goblin. Has a 1" noticeable scratch on cover acetate (View), otherwise NM...$5 (View generic pic)

See more about my Marvels #1-3 CGC 9.8 and 9.6, $35-$70, on my CGC page.

Morbius the Living Vampire, 1992 series, #3 and #4, guest-starring Spider-Man, on the cover too. NM-, both have a minor kink near top staple on front or back. Direct market versions. Clearance!...$1 each (View generic of pic #3) (View generic pic of #4)

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D./SHIELD, 1968 series:
#3 VG/F 5.0, off-white pages. Steranko cover & story. Looks better than grade, main defect is a 1" corner crease upper right; about 7 very thin 2-4mm spine stresses, hardly detract; fuzz at bottom spine corner; 1/16" tip crease bottom right; and found 2 water/moisture spots on cover—one 3/16"L x 1/8"H in R in Fury, shows as dull spot, but inside there's a stain spot; other lighter dull spot in E in SHIELD title, about 1/2"L x 3/16"H, has scattered little dull spots spreading off of it; a few little ones in Marvel box above Fury. You don't see the spots unless glinted or you're told where they are. And a water stain that shows on inside front cover on bottom edge near spine—two spots, bigger one is 3/4" wide, about 3/8" high at highest point, and a 1/4" one above it. Doesn't show on front due to green grass color, and is not all fuzzy or browned like bad stains, but has discoloration. Only affects the inside cover, not interior pages. Otherwise nice glossy cover, nice edges. Back cover is clean and nice...$15 (View 580px wide, 157kb) (View 900px wide, 332kb) (View back)

#7 Fine- 5.5, off-white pages. Steranko cover. Top right corner has thin 1" corner crease, light bend to it, and it goes through the book, with 3/4" crease on back cover corner; stress fractures along top edge overhang; 5 or so spine kinks, most very mild, one at bottom is worst, with thin dip extending about 1/2" in; couple 3/16" stress marks too, 3-4 other short ones, most hide well in the art. Back cover shows some very light indent lines near bottom spine corner, 1/4 to 1/2"; two dull spots in ad that look like thumb prints when glinted, can't see otherwise...$25 (View 580 px wide, 155kb) (View 900px wide, 333kb) (View back)

#10 VF 8.0, off-white/white pages. Christmas story, hence the cover art. Very nice at first glance, little niggling things keep it from VF+. About 7 very thin 2-3mm spine stresses/fractures, no kinks; slight abrasion along bottom edge; some pin-tip size indents in the red ornament, most at bottom, one near top; light color rub/scuff spot in bad guy's eye (right one looking at it), another very minor scuff in ornament neck; 3/8" light print crease in Fury's ornament near bottom. Back cover is clean, off-white, has a 1/8" little layer peel/scuff spot near open edge...$25 (View 580px wide, 145kb) (View 900px wide, 286kb) (View back)

#15 F/VF- 7.0, off-white/white pages. First appearance of AN assassin named "Bulls-Eye," but NOT the same one from Daredevil later (Bullseye), this was this guy's first and last appearance, but still high priced in guides. NOT a 'key issue' at all, why do people still say it is? Little fuzzy/rub at top spine tip with the little tick piece there; in Marvel box, there's two little white rub dots right next to black edge across from Fury's shoulder, 3-4 really thin 3mm stress lines/wrinkles, another at top staple; at bottom of top staple, you can see one of those "<" shaped kinks going out 1/2" from it when you glint it, but very very light and shallow, and bottom staple hole has 1/16" tear, melds well so hard to see. Rest of spine is nice, but has very shallow valley the length of it, nothing I count off for though; bottom edge has very slight abrasion along most of it, worst part is near spine where it has the most minor of curl/mush to it, about 3/4" long; open edge has about a 2" section near bottom of white edge abrasions, but broken up. Back: upper left corner area of back cover got bent a little long ago, leaving a couple/3 very light wrinkle lines. Worst one is about an inch down, across corner, maybe 2.5", oh so slightly raised, only about 1.25" of it is noticeable. Inside cover, the ad shows white stress in the black part of that wrinkle. Other wrinkle lines are above it, longest is 3.5" if you count the last part as the same line, which it may not be; another very faint one above that is about 1" long. Can e-mail large scan of back. Pic of back corner has been darkened a bit to show the bends better...$36 (View 580px wide, 171kb) (View 900px wide, 366kb) (View back) (View close-up of top corner)

Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D./SHIELD #1-6 set, 1988, prestige format, $3.50 cover price, $21 total. #1 has two lightly bumped corners, so it's VF+. Top 1 is worse, bottom 1 was too light to photograph. #4 has a corner bump on back top left, with minor stress wrinkle to it. Nice painted covers by various artists, including Steranko on #1. 50% off cover at...$10.50 (View) (View #1 top corner bump)

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Silver Surfer/Rune one-shot, $5.95 cover. Flip-book with 2 stories of Surfer vs. Rune (from Marvel & Malibu Comics). 2 covers, Barry Windsor-Smith does one. Yours for 50% off...$3 (View)

See more about my Star Wars #99 CGC 9.4 newsstand edition (View) for $60 on my CGC page.

Strange Tales Vol. 3 #1. 1994 prestige format, acetate cover, 64 page one-shot. Kurt Busiek writing, painted art by Ricardo Villagran. Dr. Strange, the Thing, and the Human Torch team-up, all new story. $6.95 cover, yours for 50% off...$3.50 (View)

Tales to Astonish prestige format one-shot, 1994, 64 pages! Hulk, Wasp, Hank Pym team-up, all new. Peter David writing, painted art by John Estes. $6.95 cover. 2 copies. 1/2 cover price @...$3.50 ea. (View)

X-Factor #92 with the blue error hologram. "Fatal Attractions" story part 1. A small amount of various error/mistake holograms were on all 6 parts, and while not super rare, they're fairly rare. I have 4 copies, all are the 'full blue' hologram with Havok. There's other varieties, but this and the all black version seem to be the most popular. Mine all have some little thumbed spots across the bottom edge of the comic, which is why I didn't get them CGC'd, as the best 1 is 9.6 in my opinion (#3), and others might get 9.4, possibly better. Two of mine have a curvy black line running down Havok's right side and through his leg. Some call these 'fracture lines', but nothing is fractured, it's just some kind of extra printing error in the holo, some have lots of it too. Some people like these even more as they're even scarcer. To save some bandwidth for people, I'll show just 1 copy with the clean holo, and then close-ups of the holos, and close-ups of the bottom edges, and let you all pick what you want. The holos are clearer in person, they just don't scan well. I have larger scans of the comics I can email. Can't seem to get real clear pics or scans of the bottom edge, so they're enlarged and wide, so scrolling is necessary. Prices are all over the place, and this is part 1 of the story. Reduced! Were...$30 each, or 2 for $50, or all 4 for $80, now $20 ea., 2 for $35, and all 4 for $60.
#1) Clean holo. (View) (View Hologram) (View bottom edge) (View full wraparound cover)
#2) Clean holo, but worst bottom edge, but not by much. (View bottom edge)
#3) Black line in holo, but best bottom edge. (View hologram) (View bottom edge)
#4) Black line in holo. Bottom edge about equal to #1. (View hologram) (View bottom edge)

See more about my Uncanny X-Men #1 insert comic from Pro-Action magazine, CGC 9.8, for $120 (View), on my CGC page.

X-Men #2, 1991 series, Jim Lee art...$4 (View generic pic)

X-Men Prime special, with fancy chromium/foil wrap-around cover, 1995. $4.95 cover, yours for...$3 (View)

If you're looking for answers to or information about the Marvel Universe, check out the Marvel Comics Database, it has tons of info on characters, titles, and their history. Plus lots of images, news, videos, people to answer questions, and more.

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