This page has all my remaining back issue Marvel comic books for sale, well below guide prices, from Avengers to Spider-Man to X-Men and many in between. A few Silver and Bronze Age comics left, but mostly Copper/Modern, including some graphic novels. Most are high grade. Some moderns are half cover price or less. I usually give good text descriptions before a sale, so don't be turned off by a scan or lack of one, just ask for a better description, or bigger scan. All are Near Mint, first prints, complete, unless noted. No restoration, pressing, etc. as far as I know. More comics on the Clearance page, from .25 to $1! See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. See this page on my site for Overstreet Grading Definitions.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sent these off in late April to get them CGC graded, hope to get back by late August. Expect 9.6 to 9.8. Inquire if interested in getting on the waiting list (email link is in the bottom Navigation):

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(The) Avengers Vol. 1, 1963 series:

King-Size Special/Annual #3, 1969. VF+ 8.5, nice off-white pages. Reprints Avengers #4 (1st Silver Age Captain America), and 3 Lee & Kirby stories reprinted from Tales of Suspense #66, 67, 68, with Cap vs. the Red Skull in WWII. Has staple bump/scuff spots, and those semi-common printing bump/spots along bottom edge; hint of a corner bump on top left; 1/4" light corner crease in lower right, but only shows 1/8" color break; 1/8" white scrape line on open edge near "cast list" blurb. Very nice looking...$40 (View 580px wide, 166kb scan) (View 900px wide, 380kb scan) (View back)

Annual #15 Vs. Freedom Force...$2

Avengers #1, 1998 series, Heroes Return. George Perez fold-out cover. NM 9.4 at least, has top spine corner tick flap, tiny tick at bottom, otherwise 9.6 or better. $2.99 cover, yours for...$2 (View generic pic)

The Last Avengers Story #1 (of 2). Prestige format, acetate cover, Marvel "alterniverse" story. Peter David writing, painted art by Olivetti. $5.95 cover price. I never got pt. 2, nuts. So let's go...$3 (View)

Bizarre Adventures #27, NM 9.4, maybe 3 thin spine stresses. A Marvel magazine from 1981, with the "Secret Lives of the X-Men", with 60 pages of black and white art, new "untold" stories about Phoenix, Iceman, and Nightcrawler, by Chris Claremont, Mary Jo Duffy, Bob Layton, with art by John Buscema, George Perez, and Dave Cockrum, with a Paul Gulacy cover painting. Prices seem to be all over the place, from $5-$16 or more. Get mine for...$8 (View)

Bizarre Adventures #28, NM 9.4. A Marvel magazine from 1981, featuring an all new 10 page story of Elektra written and drawn by Frank Miller, plus Shadow Hunter written by Neal Adams, art by Larry Hama; Huntsman by Archie Goodwin & Michael Golden; Conscience of the King by Mary Jo Duffy w/art by Wendy Pini (Triton story); and Bucky Bizarre, by Steve Skeates & Steve Smallwood. 62 pages, black & white art, cover painting by Bob Larkin. A couple very thin spine stresses; 1 white stress mark at bottom staple; corner tick bottom spine; and some pages near the middle to end have a corner tear or little piece off due to production cutting, I don't count off for that. Yours for...$8 (View)

Black Panther: Panther's Prey mini-series #1-4 set, prestige format, $19.80 cover price. Clearance!...$9.99 (View)

Captain America #444. 1st Mark Waid issue, comes with Overpower card, mine's Black Cat. NM-/9.2, has thin 1/8" corner tip crease in lower right...$3 (View)

See 1966 Captain America mini-book/comic under Marvel Mini-books too.

Daredevil The Man Without Fear #1 (of 5 issue mini-series). NM- due to upper right corner tip ding, goes through the book. Another great Frank Miller tale, with John Romita Jr. art. 1st issue retells his origin, and death of his father. $2.95 cover price. Clearance!...$1

Darkman movie button/pin. From 1990, for the 1st movie by Sam Raimi. 1.75"x2.75". Has the catch phrase "Who is Darkman?" in white letters on black background...$1 (View)

Excalibur: Sword is Drawn one-shot, 1987. 1st appearance of team Excalibur, 1st print. NM- 9.2. $3.25 cover. Clearance!...$1

Fantastic Five #1-5 set. 1999. Future Marvel Universe MC2 story, only 5 issues made. By Tom DeFalco, art by Paul Ryan. $1.99 cover. #2 has the bookmark insert. #3 is NM-, #5 is VF/NM, others are NM. Yours for 50% off cover...$5 (View generic pic)

Fantastic Four #349, Vol. 1, 1961 series. Part 3 of the 'New Fantastic Four' Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Hulk team-up. 1st print, have 2, both have the same 1.5" or so light double bend line area below the Thing's head, must've been done at the printer's somehow, they're in the exact same place. Won't show on a scan, hard to see straight on, and shallow, but there. So VF/VF+, and only...$1 each (View generic pic)

Fantastic Four #1 Marvel Milestone reprint edition. 1991. NM-. Nice quality paper, reprints the 1st issue from 1961. $2.95 cover. These are NOT remotely scarce, so don't believe that hype and pay way over cover price. Buy mine for...$3 (View)

Fantastic Four 1234 set of 1-4. Marvel Knights series, 2001, $2.99 cover price. Grant Morrison writing, Jae Lee art. Vs. Dr Doom naturally. #1 is VF/NM or better, #4 is NM-, others are NM. Yours for 50% off cover...$6 (View generic pic)

Generation X #1, with wrap-around chromium cover. Half cover price @...$2 (View)

See 1966 Hulk mini-books/comics under Marvel Mini-books too.

Marshal Law Takes Manhattan one-shot ("Crime & Punishment" at top). Epic Comics. Mature readers. $4.95 cover. Clearance!...$1

Marvel Comics Presents, 1988 series. Mostly Wolverine and Ghost Rider stories, with short stories of other characters too. Sam Keith covers on a bunch too.: #54, 57-62, 64-71, 85-99 (have 1 extra #54, 86, 87, 90, 91, 92). A few are VF or VF/NM...$1 each, or .80 ea. for 25 or more (also on Clearance page).

Marvel Fanfare #51 is a double size all-new Silver Surfer story, have 2. (Fanfare #3, #33 are on the Clearance page). NM 9.4 is $2, NM- 9.2 (thumbed wrinkle line back cover open edge) is $1. (View)

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Marvel Mini-books:

These miniature comics are from 1966, and only 5/8"x7/8" (view next to a penny), and are known as the world's smallest comics. (Listed in Overstreet in the Promotional comics section under Marvel Mini-books.) Neat pieces of Marvel memorabilia. They were distributed in gumball machines, and they made 6 titles in 6 colors: Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Millie the Model, Sgt. Nick Fury, Spider-Man, and Thor, in red, orange, blue, green, light green/lime, and yellow covers. About 50 pages, black & white, usually with an illustration on one page and text on the facing page (view a Hulk page). Some have stories (usually reprinted material from what I've read), and some are joke books. Insides are all the same per title, only the cover colors change. They have a glued binding, and many other's copies have dried out and are very fragile, but mine are all in good shape, but I'd be very wary about trying to read them anyway. Mine were not out of gumball machines, they were unused overstock, and most are in very nice shape, but quality varies, especially with the back covers. The pics are several times larger than the actual books, so the defects will look way bigger too, but in person most of the defects are tiny.

They supposedly made millions of them, and they're not as rare now as once believed, so don't believe that 'rare' hype you'll see elsewhere. Most all of mine have some edge flaking, this is very common. These are all I have left now:

Captain America, green, say VG/F 5.0, has some little scuffs/wear on front and edge flaking...$6.50 (View)

Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 1, 1968 run:

#15 F/VF 7.0 to VF- 7.5, white pages. All new Medusa (of the Inhumans) story, by Archie Goodwin, art by Gene Colan, plus reprints. Medusa vs. the Trapster, Sandman and the Wizard. Nice copy, and it has the "normal" printing spots all over the cover from them stacking them before ink was dry, which most of this issue's print run had. They show some in the scan as the pinkish spots in the title, but show more in person. Main defect is a vertical 1.5" upward bend ridge near right edge, about 3" up from the bottom. No color break, and doesn't show in the scan, but noticeable in person; minor little kink spot at bottom left edge in Medusa's foot; top right corner has faint 1/2" mostly vertical bend to it, hardly noticeable; 3-4 worthless short stress marks on spine in the white border, they show more on the flat edge; decently square spine, and cover is otherwise smooth, edges are clean; back cover has some usual transfer "dirt", not bad...$24 (View)

#19 F/VF- 7.0 or so, off-white pages, with a couple "buts". All new Kazar story, George Tuska art, plus Golden Age reprints. Nice overall, but has a blue pen streak near top edge just off the Marvel box. It's about 7/8" total, but only 1/2" really shows, rest trails off; down the spine edge about 1/4", there's a 1/4" split, don't know how that happens. Above the split there's no tear, but cover isn't glued to pages there. Split doesn't show unless you open it and look inside, otherwise all you see is a fuzzy line. Lower right corner has 1/4" and 1/16" creases; top right corner has faint 3/16" bend from tip ding, also on back corner, ding shows on most page tips; 3/8" thumbed stress line midpoint bottom edge; little chip/tick off bottom spine edge. Clean, nice color. Priced below guide Fine...$10 (View)

Marvels Vol. 1, #2. From the acclaimed 1994 Alex Ross 4 part mini-series, 52 pages with acetate cover. Angel from X-Men cover. $5.95 cover price. Buy it for only...$3 (View)

Marvel Two-in-One, 1974:
#1 VG 4.0 to be on the safe side, but appears better. Thing vs. Man-thing. Multiple spine stress marks/kinks, not heavy; small 5mm by 4mm peel spot in "o" in "Comics" in top banner; 4 tan water stain spots visible inside front cover along top, 1 discolors the 'P' in Group on front...$15 (View) (View spots)

Morbius the Living Vampire, 1992 series, #3 and #4, guest-starring Spider-Man, on the cover too. NM-, both have a minor kink near top staple on front or back. Direct market versions. Movie coming!...$3 each (View generic of pic #3) (View generic pic of #4)

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D./SHIELD, 1968 series:
#3 VG/F 5.0, off-white pages. Steranko cover & story. Looks better than grade, main defect is a 1" corner crease upper right; about 7 very thin 2-4mm spine stresses, hardly detract; fuzz at bottom spine corner; 1/16" tip crease bottom right; and found 2 water/moisture spots on cover—one 3/16"L x 1/8"H in R in Fury, shows as dull spot, but inside there's a stain spot; other lighter dull spot in E in SHIELD title, about 1/2"L x 3/16"H, has scattered little dull spots spreading off of it; a few little ones in Marvel box above Fury. You don't see the spots unless glinted or you're told where they are. And a water stain that shows on inside front cover on bottom edge near spine—two spots, bigger one is 3/4" wide, about 3/8" high at highest point, and a 1/4" one above it. Doesn't show on front due to green grass color, and is not all fuzzy or browned like bad stains, but has discoloration. Only affects the inside cover, not interior pages. Otherwise nice glossy cover, nice edges. Back cover is clean and nice...$12 (View 580px wide, 157kb) (View 900px wide, 332kb) (View back)

#6 Fine+ 6.5, off-white/white pages. Steranko cover. Five or six 3-4mm very thin spine stress lines, not kinked. 2 odd other wrinkle/stress lines are what cut down the grade: One curls down from top edge above Fury title to D in S.H.I.E.L.D., so about 2.5" long, but very thin, only the 1" part above Fury shows super thin white crack line, rest trails off, but you can see the slight indent/bend to it when glinted; other one runs vertical near spine edge, about 3.5" long, very thin; top right corner has some thin/very light stress lines too, no bends; Marvel box has a super light/thin vertical print crease running through Fury, can see it better on inside, almost invisible on outside; couple very minor thumbed edge stresses along top, barely noticeable; bottom spine corner has little impact ding and light 1/8" stress/crease. About 5 middle pages have 2-3" printing creases across top right corner, and last couple pages have a couple 3"+ dips/bends from printer too. Nice clean off-white back cover...$25 (View 580px wide, 161kb) (View 900px wide, 259kb) (View back)

#7 Fine- 5.5, off-white pages. Steranko cover. Top right corner has thin 1" corner crease, light bend to it, and it goes through the book, with 3/4" crease on back cover corner; stress fractures along top edge overhang; 5 or so spine kinks, most very mild, one at bottom is worst, with thin dip extending about 1/2" in; couple 3/16" stress marks too, 3-4 other short ones, most hide well in the art. Back cover shows some very light indent lines near bottom spine corner, 1/4 to 1/2"; two dull spots in ad that look like thumb prints when glinted, can't see otherwise...$15 (View 580 px wide, 155kb) (View 900px wide, 333kb) (View back)

#10 VF 8.0, off-white/white pages. Christmas story, hence the cover art. Very nice at first glance, little niggling things keep it from VF+. About 7 very thin 2-3mm spine stresses/fractures, no kinks; slight abrasion along bottom edge; some pin-tip size indents in the red ornament, most at bottom, one near top; light color rub/scuff spot in bad guy's eye (right one looking at it), another very minor scuff in ornament neck; 3/8" light print crease in Fury's ornament near bottom. Back cover is clean, off-white, has a 1/8" little layer peel/scuff spot near open edge...$20 (View 580px wide, 145kb) (View 900px wide, 286kb) (View back)

#13 VG/Fine 5.0, off-white pages. Versus the Super Patriot. Mostly it's spine kinks/stresses, plus a 1/2"w x 3/4"h very light moisture stain in top of flag stripes, not solid, no waviness or fuzz, easy to overlook. Has about a dozen various stress marks, half are 1/8", others are shorter and hard to see in the yellow part, but have mild kinks to them too, a couple valleys extend 1/4" to 1/2" into cover, but shallow. 1/4" dip/kink at .12 price is heaviest one. Top right corner has very light writing imprint of price, covers about 3/4"x3/4" above and into Comics Code box, shows when glinted. 1.5" thin horizontal printing wrinkle at Super Patriot's right foot, another lighter 1" vertical one in gun shadow on flag; little abrasion at bottom spine corner and some along bottom edge; few light reading kinks bottom area. Nice back cover, bottom spine corner shows minor ding...$8 (View 580px wide, 143kb) (View 900px wide, 269kb) (View back)

#15 F/VF- 7.0, off-white/white pages. First appearance of AN assassin named "Bulls-Eye," but NOT the same one from Daredevil later (Bullseye), this was this guy's first and last appearance, but still high priced in guides. NOT a 'key issue' at all, why do people still say it is? Little fuzzy/rub at top spine tip with the little tick piece there; in Marvel box, there's two little white rub dots right next to black edge across from Fury's shoulder, 3-4 really thin 3mm stress lines/wrinkles, another at top staple; at bottom of top staple, you can see one of those "<" shaped kinks going out 1/2" from it when you glint it, but very very light and shallow, and bottom staple hole has 1/16" tear, melds well so hard to see. Rest of spine is nice, but has very shallow valley the length of it, nothing I count off for though; bottom edge has very slight abrasion along most of it, worst part is near spine where it has the most minor of curl/mush to it, about 3/4" long; open edge has about a 2" section near bottom of white edge abrasions, but broken up. Back: upper left corner area of back cover got bent a little long ago, leaving a couple/3 very light wrinkle lines. Worst one is about an inch down, across corner, maybe 2.5", oh so slightly raised, only about 1.25" of it is noticeable. Inside cover, the ad shows white stress in the black part of that wrinkle. Other wrinkle lines are above it, longest is 3.5" if you count the last part as the same line, which it may not be; another very faint one above that is about 1" long. Can e-mail large scan of back. Pic of back corner has been darkened a bit to show the bends better...$32 (View 580px wide, 171kb) (View 900px wide, 366kb) (View back) (View close-up of top corner)

Buy all 6 Nick Furys for $90 (saves $22)!

Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D./SHIELD #1-6 set, 1988, prestige format, $3.50 cover price, $21 total. #1 has two lightly bumped corners, so it's VF+. Top 1 is worse, bottom 1 was too light to photograph. #4 has a corner bump on back top left, with minor stress wrinkle to it. Nice painted covers by various artists, including Steranko on #1. 50% off cover at...$10.50 (View) (View #1 top corner bump)

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Silver Surfer/Rune one-shot, $5.95 cover. Flip-book with 2 stories of Surfer vs. Rune (from Marvel & Malibu Comics). 2 covers, Barry Windsor-Smith does one. Yours for 50% off...$3 (View)

See my 30th Ann. Silver Surfer statue on the Toys & Neat Stuff page too!

(Peter Parker) The Spectacular Spider-Man (not "Spiderman") Vol. 1, 1976 series:
#2, overall VF+ 8.5 at least. Kraven and the Tarantula appearances. Has one medium size, but not heavy spine kink at mid-spine (light valley to it, minor stress mark); has some dull areas in the gloss here and there (mostly across 'The Spectacular' title, some in 'OMEN' and black areas below that, and crowd guy's brown hair), likely from another comic sticking slightly when they were new, but no color peels or flakes...$12 (View)

#28 NM- 9.2. Pt. 2 of the Daredevil crossover, Frank Miller art. Has about 4 very small spine kinks/stress marks, all very very short...$12 (View)

See my Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 one-shot, CGC 9.8, for $60, on my CGC Comics page.

Star Wars #99, 1977 series. NM- 9.2...$10 (View)

Strange Tales Vol. 3 #1. 1994 prestige format, acetate cover, 64 page one-shot. Kurt Busiek writing, painted art by Ricardo Villagran. Dr. Strange, the Thing, and the Human Torch team-up, all new story. $6.95 cover, yours for 50% off...$3.50 (View)

Tales to Astonish prestige format one-shot, 1994, 64 pages! Hulk, Wasp, Hank Pym team-up, all new. Peter David writing, painted art by John Estes. $6.95 cover. 2 copies. 1/2 cover price @...$3.50 ea. (View)

Tomb of Dracula #50, VF/NM 9.0, off-white pages. 1972 series. Silver Surfer vs. Dracula cover and story, Blade appearance too. Gene Colan art. Looks even better, but back cover has a 1" vertical bend/crease on top left corner (open edge), but all in the white; 2 maybe 2mm production tears along bottom edge on front and bottom spine corner has tick tear on back; 3.5" horizontal indent line across Dracula's chest, probably a production thing, noticeable when glinted, but razor thin, no color breaks, not a printing crease, won't show on scan; two very minor spine kinks, 1 in mid-spine, 1 in top banner...$25 (View 580px wide, 177kb) (View 900px wide, 364kb) (View back)

Wolverine Vol. 1, 1988 regular series #41, Sabretooth appearance...$2

X-Men #2, 1991 series, Jim Lee art...$4

X-Men Prime special, with fancy chromium/foil wrap-around cover, 1995. $4.95 cover, yours for...$3 (View)

Pro Action magazine #1, 1994. A collaborative effort from Marvel Comics and NFL Properties, "Where Pro football, comics, and pop culture collide," this 48 page mag has features on NFL stuff, and Marvel stuff. Has Troy Aikman cover and article, with Wolverine slashing "through" it. The 2 neat features it has are an original Uncanny X-Men comic book bound in, with a Wolverine cover. 16 page story featuring Callisto and the Morlocks, ("My Enemy, My Friend," by Ralph Macchio and Chris Marrinin), and two 4-card sheets of high quality trading cards: One sheet has Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, and Wolverine, other sheet has NFL Quarterbacks Randall Cunningham (Eagles), Steve Young (49ers), Phil Simms (Giants), and Warren Moon (Oilers). Also articles on rookie 49ers player Todd Kelley, interview with coach Dave Shula (Don Shula's son), Junior Seau's workout routine, and more. I have several, VF/NM, VF, VF- and one in VG+, due to it's back cover getting several creases, and some spine wear on the front, but insides are ok. The defects on the others are just a few spine kinks of various sizes. $2.95 cover. This should be a lot more valuable by now, due to the original comic and exclusive cards, and I didn't find very many for sale now on the net, but seems there's not a lot of demand for it still:

Graphic Novels:

Iron Man: Crash softcover. 1988. 1st all computer generated graphic novel. NM-, with little corner bump. Huge cover price increase to $12.95, let's go a mere...$5 (View)

Punisher: Assassin's Guild softcover. 1988, by Jo Duffy and Jorge Zaffino. NM. 2nd print with gold title, $6.95 cover, yours for...$5 (View)

If you're looking for answers to or information about the Marvel Universe, check out the Marvel Comics Database, it has tons of info on characters, titles, and their history. Plus lots of images, news, videos, people to answer questions, and more.

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