This page has my CGC graded comic books and magazines for sale. Copper and Modern age (1980s-2000s), most in high grade 9.4-9.8/Near Mint to Near Mint-Mint condition, and white pages unless noted. Sorted by Marvel, DC, Image/Independent, Wizard #1/2s, and Magazines. All are first prints unless noted. These are in the newer super-clear thicker cases, and none are in the funky spring 2016 "new design" case that had multiple problems. None were pressed or had other work done. These are also listed on their respective company or category pages. See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. See this page on my site for Overstreet Grading Definitions.

See my Feedbacks page for testimonials, like: "I have bought several thousand dollars in collectibles from Charles over the years and always found him to be very trustworthy with the money, speed of service, communications, and descriptions of the items he sells." - JB Sudderth, entry #177

CGC, a.k.a. Certified Guaranty Company, started in 2000, is the oldest and largest professional 3rd party comic book grading company. See my Resources page for more info and a link to their site to learn more. Anyone can now check the certification numbers and scans without joining at

PLEASE read the main points on the "How to Order" page if interested in buying anything, before you e-mail or call me, thanks. I can take credit card orders via Square's Invoice program. I'm NOT buying, thanks. Site navigation links are at the bottom of all pages. "View" links are set to open in a new window/tab, so just close them to return here.

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NOTE: Some will have some "spots/pools" on the front and/or back where the different plastic inner encasement and outer case may touch, a.k.a. "Newton's rings". More widespread rainbow swirls effect shows when you tilt the case (which is not how you normally look at your comics, right?), due to light refracting through both types of plastic. It's the refractive qualities of the hard outer shell and the inner sheet over the book. There is no liquid present, or anything that can damage your book. It's just science. See this 10-9-18 post on their Announcements forum for more info on this. No returns because of this effect, ok? The areas will look better or worse depending on the viewing angle too, so scans and camera pics will likely not accurately reflect the full amount of such areas, but most look fine straight on. I have larger images I can send you too, and can describe them in more detail, but getting better angled camera pics is difficult and time consuming, so before you order you'll have to decide whether this effect will bother you much. The newest ones done after 2017 have little to no pools on the fronts, but have some on the backs. Some will have some minor scuff lines or spots too. Get FREE raw comics with them too, some noted below, or your choice from my clearance books.


Daredevil #260, 2 copies, both 9.6. #'s 3861115011 and 012. Typhoid Mary appearance, giant-size too...$40 ea. (View 011) (View 012)

Fantastic Four #347, 2 copies, both 9.6. #'s 3861115013 and 014. Part one of the temporary new FF team of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider. Art (Arthur) Adams cover. Get a free raw #349 (pt. 3) too...$45 ea., or $80 for both. (View 013) (View 014)

Ghost Rider #31, 9.8. #3975813011. Vol. 2, 1990 series. Rise of the Midnight Sons part 6. First 'appearance' of the Midnight Sons as a team, fighting Lilith and her hordes. Lilith calls/names them the Midnight Sons in this issue. Marvel movie rumored. Comes with original polybag and poster. Reduced! Was $100, now...$90 (View)

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #1, rarer newsstand editions, 3 copies, all 9.6. #4253671002, 003, 004. "Rise of the Midnight Sons" part 2. No back cover indent line from the bag, and all come with the poster that was bagged with them. I had figured all for 9.8, and 2 are a mystery as to why 9.6, and none had graders note. #002 has a faint spine stress mark above the 'Part 2 of 6', which won't show on the scan. #003 has nothing wrong with it that I saw before or after grading, unless they've suddenly gotten super picky about the NORMAL spine edge 'fraying', which isn't nearly as bad as several other comics I have in 9.8. #004 has a possible super mild finger indent spot along the top edge, and possibly the lower spine corner with the white tick/TINY bit of dent to it made it 9.6 to them, but I have 9.8's with more obvious defects. Newsstands versions are all the rage these days due to scarcity, so here's your chance to save some dough vs. a 9.8. Since these only got 9.6, I'm just want to flip them sooner than later.
#002 is...$45 (View)
#003 (a 9.8 all day for 20 years) is...$65 (View)
#004 is...$55 (View)

Guardians of the Galaxy #5, 9.8. #4004224008. 2013 series, regular cover. First appearance of Angela in the Marvel Universe, formerly of Image comics fame. You KNOW she'll be in a movie eventually, so I think this is still a sleeper issue. Not many graded so far either...$100 (View)

The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1, 9.6. #3975813012. First series from 1992. First appearance of Maestro, the 'evil future alt-earth Hulk'. Embossed cover, Peter David story, George Perez art. No grader notes, but only reason I see for a 9.6 vs. 9.8 is there's some white patches on the side of the square spine where the blue didn't print (View), so not unexpected, but figured it might pass as the production error it is, but didn't. Reduced! Was $70 now...$60 (View)

Invincible Iron Man #1, 9.6. #4004224011. 2017 series, 1st Appearance of Riri Williams as Ironheart, on cover. Small minor color rub near spine on back cover, couple little spine wrinkle stresses. Riri appeared in Black Panther 2 and will be in her own Disney+ Ironheart series. It's yours for what it cost me to buy as a back issue and get graded...$66 (View) (View color rub)

Marvels #1-3 (of 4), the 1994 Alex Ross painted classic mini-series with the acetate covers. Not all that many graded for the age and how popular it was. Was hoping for all 9.8s, but got some super picky graders apparently, so here's the breakdown:
#1 is 9.8, Human Torch cover. #4060843003. A few small scuffs dots in lower left quadrant...$80 (View)
#2 is 9.6, Angel from X-Men cover. #4060843004. Tiny dot flake in the black border lower right tip, and a nearly invisible bend across that tip, maybe 1-2mm. You'd never see it if not told. Case has 1 long vertical scratch down left side, other scratches below and to the left and others here and there, but very fine and don't detract when viewed straight on. Just the way it is with cases. Yours for only...$35 (View)
#3 is 9.6. Silver Surfer cover. #4060843005. No real idea why it's 9.6, except maybe that the bottom edge has some 'bubbling' the whole length, obviously a printing thing, must be common, and the right edge has some too. Back doesn't have it. #2 has a little section along the bottom edge too. Like the acetate didn't 'take' with the color printing on the back and doesn't lay flat. Big whoop. Yours for...$35 (View)

Spider-Gwen #1, 9.8. #4004224014, 2015 series, regular cover. Has a small color rub on front at top staple just so you know, but still got 9.8. First issue of her own series, takes place on alternate Earth-65...$100 (View)

Spider-Man 2099 #1, 9.4. #4096515002. Vol. 1, 1992 series. Origin and first appearance of Miguel O'Hara in his own series. This is a slam dunk 9.8 outside, but got harshly dinged for 'moderate tanning interior cover'. It's NOT 'moderate' tanning by any standard meaning of that term that I've seen. At the most it's light tanning. Pages are white however. Had it graded twice too, got 9.4 both times due to this tanning thing, and CGC says it is tanned, and that there are copies with white inside covers and many with tanned ones due to likely being stored in hot warehouses when it was over-produced back in the day. I bought it in 2021 at a store though, so no idea of it's history. So am selling it for what I have into it...$70 (View) (View inside prior to 2nd grading)

Spider-Verse #1, 9.8 #4004224012. July 2015, regular cover. Second Spider-Verse title. Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and other Spider-folk appear. Few of this graded so far...$80 (View)

Star Wars #99, 9.4. Marvel 1977 series. #4096515003. Newsstand edition. Han Solo, Lando, Luke Skywalker cover. Appearances by Admiral Ackbar, Wedge Antilles, Fenn, Bey, Fumiyo, Nien Numb, Captain Drebble, Trif & Maggie. Figured it for 9.4, so pleased. About 4 minor spine stress/kinks are the main defects. Newsstand editions are getting well over what regular editions sell for, and the print run for these near-the-end issues was dwindling, so don't see many in the high issue numbers. If you need a newsstand of this, here you go, for...$70 (View)

Uncanny X-Men #1, 9.8. No, not that one, sorry. Have 3, #4060843012, 4096515004 & 005. This is from 1994, it was a 16 page insert comic in Pro-Action Magazine #1 (View) that was given out at the Super Bowl that year, and also sold through Diamond Dist., which is how I got mine. Very few graded. All-new story, "My Enemy, My Friend," by Ralph Macchio and Chris Marrinin, out of continuity. The X-Men 'fight' several pro football players in the Danger Room, and get advice from them. Then Callisto and the Morlocks show up in 'real' life and tangle with the X-Men, till everyone learns a valuable lesson or three. In this story, it's the first meeting between the X-Men and Callisto, but in the real Marvel Universe it happened years earlier. Comes with two 4-card sheets of high quality trading cards that were in the magazine (loose in the CGC bag): One sheet has Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, and Wolverine, other sheet has NFL Quarterbacks Randall Cunningham (Eagles), Steve Young (49ers), Phil Simms (Giants), and Warren Moon (Oilers). First one to buy gets a free raw copy too! Very few graded copies ever for sale, should be more expensive by now, but will go...$120 ea., or 2 for $200 (View 012) (View 004) (View 005) (View Cards)

Venom: Carnage Unleashed #1, 9.8. #3975813014. 1995 mini-series, classic Venom vs. Carnage cover, undervalued still I think, and you know Carnage will be back in the MCU soon enough, right? Get it now for...$90 (View)

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Batman Special Edition #1, Free Comic Book Day/FCBD. 9.6, nuts. #4004224015. 'Fear State' story preview, and half of a reprint to I Am Batman #0. Nice cover by Mico Suayan. Had it as a 9.8, but seems I missed a couple super light thumb indents on top and side edge on the back. No grader notes. So selling it for grading cost...$25 (View)

Black Orchid #1-3, 1988 mini-series set, all are 9.8. #'s 3861115001 to 003. Neil Gaiman story, Dave McKean painted art. Batman guest-stars. Would prefer to sell as a set, and this may be the only set out there for sale...$150 (View #1) (View #2) (View #3)

Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, 2 copies, both 9.6. #4253671009 & 010. Vol. 1 1985 series, with great George Perez art. Wally West becomes the new Flash. Last issue of the maxi-series, so finish your run. DC is making an animated movie of this story too, so expect prices to go up. #009 should've been a 9.8, and all I can possibly see they may have been unusually harsh on is a very light indent spot on the back cover near the top spine you can barely see when glinted. Otherwise it has no spine stress marks/kinks, corners are square, cover is flat and clean, easy 9.8 normally. #010 I wasn't too surprised on due to the back cover top left corner has a tiny piece off, so angled, figured maybe a production cut, but no graders notes. Prices are all over the place for 9.6 and 9.8, so will try...$65 for #009 (View), and $55 for #010 (View)

DC 52 Week 12, 9.6. #4060843001. First new Isis, Black Adam's wife, as seen in the Black Adam movie with Dwayne Johnson and Sarah Shahi. Minor spine stress marks are barely visible, so looks great. Reduced! Was $50, now...$40 (View)

Green Lantern #195 9.8, Dec. 1985 (1960's series). #3861115004. Guy Gardner finally becomes a full time GL. Guy will be in the new Superman Legacy movie announced by James Gunn (Nathan Fillion has been cast in the role), so don't wait too long before I raise the price...$180 (View)

Green Lantern #0 9.8. #3975813004. Nov. 2012. Origin of Simon Baz, and first appearance in continuity (he made an unnamed cameo in The New 52 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition #1, May 2012)...$80 (View)

Green Lantern #20, 2011 series. Have 2 copies, 9.8 and 9.6. #4004224002 is 9.8, and 003 is 9.6. First mention of Jessica Cruz by name, and an image of her hand as she gets a ring from Simon Baz. That's NOT a 'cameo' or first appearance as many claim, but it does introduce her to the DCU. Justice League #30 is her first cameo appearance in 1 panel where her face is shown, #31 is her first full appearance. GL #20 is the finale of "Wrath of the First Lantern" event, double size issue. Story is told in flashback to a future GL, as the Bookkeeper of Oa tells him the story of Hal Jordan. The HBO Max Green Lantern show is coming eventually, she may be in it. Reduced! Was $90, now...$70 (View)
The 9.6 has a minor corner white stress bump on bottom left back cover. Reduced! Was $40, now...$35 (View) (View corner)

Justice League #31, New 52, 9.8. #4004224004. First full appearance of Jessica Cruz...$150 (View)

Justice League Special Edition #1, 9.8, #3975813007. RARE GRADED! The ONLY 9.8, and highest graded of only 4 copies. Exclusive Walmart variant reprint from 2016. Reprints the 2011 New 52 #1, with slight cover differences, but same Jim Lee cover. Many are incorrectly calling this the 'rare newsstand edition' of the 2011 #1 or that it's also a 2011 edition, and it's NOT, so don't fall for that. The differences on this edition are: The blue banner title background stops at the 'J' instead of going all the way across, and appears to be a lighter shade of blue, more aqua, than the original. The UPC box is different than the usual newsstand box (no extra bars to the right), and has no date in it like the 2011 versions. And there's no cover price, as it came in 3 packs. Seems lots of people are paying well for later prints these days, even more than for 1st prints, and no one else has this in 9.8 so far, so you reprint and highest census collectors need this. Could be worth much more to someone, but will ask...$150 (View)

Justice League International Quarterly #13, 2 copies, both 9.8, both newsstand editions, #'s 3861115005 and 006. Very low in census. Captain Atom and Maxima cover art by Joseph Michael Linsner is the main draw, and is his first work for a major comic company, should be going for more by now, like McFarlane's early work. Ultraa is the villain. Also has a Power Girl story, and a Praxis story. 84 pages. Get a free high grade raw copy too!...$75 ea. (View 005) (View 006)

Kingdom Come #2 and 3, both 9.6. #2 is #4253671007, #3 is 008. The 1996 4-issue Mark Waid and Alex Ross masterpiece with the new/future Justice League, and rumors are James Gunn is teasing a Kingdom Come movie. Both should've been 9.8 even with the tiny tiny defects I guess they counted off for, but as usual, no graders notes. #2 has a TINY white fleck spot on the bottom edge toward the right side, and a worthless white edge spot along the top edge that's super normal with these prestige format books, so not happy with the 9.6. The only things I can see with #3 are the top of the spine on the side has white showing across the top edge from normal production that they didn't used to count off for, and possibly a light fingerprint on the black bottom border, hard to tell if on the comic or inside bag, but it didn't have that when it left here, and these slick covers are super easy to show fingerprints, so it should've been wiped off at grading. Prices for 9.8s are running mid-100's or so+ at this time. Few if any 9.6's are showing up. Buy either one for...$60 (View #2) (View #3)

Nolan Ryan in The Winning Pitch, 2 copies, 9.8 and 9.6. #'s 3861115007 and 008. This is the only 9.8, and highest census, and there's only 3 in 9.6. A 1992 cereal mail-in premium from Kellogg's and Sports Illustrated, part of the Tony's Sports Comics series. Forward by Nolan Ryan. Great gift for that big Nolan Ryan fan. A 9.6 sold in 2020 on that auction site for $70, and in April 2022 a mere 9.0 sold for $69.99. 9.8s of many more common moderns go for 3-4 times 9.6 prices, and again this is the only 9.8...$250 (View)
9.6 is...$100 (View)

Omega Men Vol. 1, #10, first full Lobo story, 9.6. #2058275001. One bindery spine wrinkle keeps this out of 9.8. This has some Newton pools in the middle of the front cover, but not all that easy to see, so decided not to send it back in case they rejected the free reholdering. Lobo is still rumored to get a movie or TV series somehow, somewhere. While #3 is his first appearance, he's not in it much. This is his first "full story" appearance, and he's on the cover too. Get a raw #9 free too!...$50 (View)

(The) Shadow #7, 1988 series. 9.6, #3861115009. This is the only 9.6 in the census, plus one 9.8, and one 9.2, so very rare graded. This should have been a 9.8, but no grader notes. Main point is the cool Marshall Rogers pen and ink detailed cover. Nice piece for his fans...$36 (View)

Star Trek Next Generation #75 signed by artist Sonia R. Hillios, 9.8. #0294317006. Has the Green 'Qualified' label, as CGC didn't witness the signature (signed before CGC existed). I guarantee it to be genuine or money back (I had Sonia sign various issues by mail back in the late 90s). Only copy graded of this issue so far, so unique, and highest in the census of course. Nice painted cover art with Riker and Borg. Get a free raw signed one too!...$80 (View)

Star Trek Next Generation Special #2, 9.8, #3861115010. ONLY one graded. Another nice Sonia Hillios cover painting with Ensign Ro, Riker and Worf. NOT signed. 3 new stories, 68 pages...$60 (View)

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Dawn #1, 9.8. 1995 series from Sirius. #3975813020. Joseph Michael Linsner art and story. Classic Good Girl/Bad Girl art, Dawn is still hot...$90 (View)

Gen 13 #3, 9.8, #3861115017. 1995 Vol. 2 ongoing series from Image. J. Scott Campbell & Alex Garner cover. Few in census or ever for sale, so if you're looking to fill your 9.8 run, here you go. Get my #2 raw copy for free too, if still available. Reduced! Was $65, now..$50 (View)

(John Byrne's) Next Men #1, 9.8. Vol.1, 1992, from Dark Horse Comics. #1227463012. Cardstock cover with silver foil title. Highest graded, pretty 'Newton pool' free too. Get a free raw copy too!...$50 (View)

Shadowman #1, 9.6. Vol. 1, 1992, from Valiant. #4096515001. Origin and first appearance of Jack Boniface as Shadowman. Thought it would get 9.8, but the back bottom open edge corner got a little 5mm tall color fade/pull of some sort that I missed, coupled with 1 super thin 2mm spine stress mark they normally wouldn't knock of for made it 9.6 I guess, but no grader notes to be sure. Rumors of a movie have been around a couple years now, people were supposedly hired, but nothing has happened, so no telling. Have $66 into it now, will sell at my cost...$66 (View) (View corner)

Spawn #122, 9.8. #3975813018. 1st NYX, who becomes She-Spawn. Part 3 of the #120-123 storyline. This NYX is not the same as the Marvel one, so you know. Very few of this graded, and 'low print run'. Reduced! Was $250, now...$200 (View)

Wizard #1/2s, all with certificates:

Devil's Reign #1/2, 3 copies, all 9.8. #'s 3861115022 to 024. A Wizard mag mail-in redemption for a Marvel and Image crossover event. Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Witchblade team-up. Few in census, hardly ever any for sale, and the few 9.8s I've seen sold have been around $80-$100. Get mine for...$80 ea., or $225 for all 3. (View 022) (View 023) (View 024)

Lady Death #1/2, first one from 1994. 9.4, #3861115025. Steven Hughes art. Grader notes say 'indent on back cover', which is a finger kink spot. Has some color flake dots off in lower right tip, pretty common for these, and I've seen those allowed in higher grade. Not many graded, few on the market. Get a free 9.0 raw copy and a pinup page from Wizard. Buy it for only...$32 (View)

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Femme Fatales, January 1997 Vol. 5 #7, 9.6. #2058274001. NO Newton pools. Nice Elvira photo cover, in see-through body suit. The only 1 graded of this issue, and highest graded of all Femme Fatales Elvira issues. Great 12 page article with a few full page pics of Elvira, A.K.A. Mistress of the Dark, the Hostess with the Mostest on Elvira's Movie Macabre; articles on the Women of Mars Attacks, Sofia Shinas (The Crow II), Lynn Lowry, the amazing Vanessa Taylor & Jacqueline Lovell, Athena Massey, Krista Allen (Emmanuelle Queen of the Galaxy movie, w/some great pics!), Thuy Trang (Crow sequel, Power Rangers movie), and more. People are paying high prices for her DC House of Mystery issues, which are far more common, but get this for...$150 (View)

"Golden Anniversary of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" magazine by Gladstone, 1987. 2 copies, both 9.8. #'s 1227462001 and 002. These are the only 2 9.8's, and highest graded copies. If you're a 'top census' collector or just want the best copy, here you go. Due to the size I had to scan the mags and labels separately and stitch the scans together, so that's why the labels don't match up perfectly everywhere and are a different shade. These reprint the original 1937 comic strip, in color. Has a bound-in pack of Panini stickers and a poster of the cover, art by Ron Dias. #001 is slightly better presenting on the front cover, as #002 has 2-3 teeny tiny white flecks here and there (other white flecks you may see are just dust spots or scanner glass stuff), and it has a small Newton pool above the fireplace, while #001 has none. The couple whitish marks between 'Walt' and 'Disney's' are a scratches/gouges on the scanner glass. Both copies have case scuffs near Grumpy's head somehow, same 2 kinds of swipes (Quality Control wasn't so great on this batch). What may look like cracks in the left case margin are just the 'ends' of the spacer thing they add in to keep the mags in place, but very hard to see in the scans. BUT, #001 got a crack in the back case, upper spine side corner, due to it sliding off my scanner lid and hitting the hard chair mat instead of the rug of course, crap. It's mostly behind the label, about 1" long and goes around the edge. Nothing is loose, corner is tight. Also got 1 small crack in front case on the right corner edge. Happened after scanning, so took camera pics of them. It's not worth my time or money to send it in for a reholder, but you can if you want. I see much more common magazines in 9.8 go for a few hundred dollars, but there's no market data for these, and you can't get them in 9.8 anywhere else at the moment.
The better one, #002 is...$210 (View #002) (View back)
The cracked case one is...$140, which should cover most of the reholdering fee and shipping (if you use the UPS option, or combine it with an order), and you get free Disney stuff with each. (View #001) (View cracks)

NOTE: #002 is also on consignment at Comic Link, the link will go direct to my listing (opens in a new window/tab). They will sell/ship to buyers outside the U.S., so that's an option for those people. You pay them, they pay me when you get the mag.

Sports Illustrated 25th Anniversary Swimsuit issue, Feb. 1989 (Vol. 70, #6), 9.2, only 2 graded higher of VERY few graded. #2058274003. NO Newton pools. Kathy Ireland cover. It has all the covers from previous swimsuit issues, and articles on all the cover girls, including legends like Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Elle MacPherson, Paulina Porizkova, Carol Alt, Rachel Hunter, Stephanie Seymour, Kelly Emberg, and the rest. Newsstand copy, no mailing label. Case front has multiple small scuffs and fine scratches, you can see some in the scan. Quality Control was not paying attention, but I don't feel like returning it for reholdering at the moment. No returns for the scuffing. Hard to know what to ask, as there's few graded swimsuit issues on the market, and high prices being asked even for 1980's, only 1 1981 issue sold for $195 in 9.0 that I've found, another in mere 7.0 got around $175. So this should be a deal at...$180 (View)

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