This page has all my remaining back issue DC comics for sale, at well below guide prices. I have a few Silver and Bronze Age comic books left, but mostly "Copper" and moderns. Most are high grade. All main Batman items are listed under Batman, including graphic novels, appearances in other titles, magazines, and supporting cast series like Robin, Catwoman, etc. Some moderns are half cover price or less. I usually give good text descriptions before a sale, so don't be turned off by a scan or lack of one, just ask for a better description, or larger scan. All are Near Mint, first prints, complete, unless noted. No restoration, pressing, etc. as far as I know. More comics on the Clearance page, from .25 to $1! See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. See this page on my site for Overstreet Grading Definitions.

February Sale and Reduced prices!

On CGC's & Batman graphic novels. 'Sale' prices good till Feb. 29, 'reduced' prices will stay there for now.

See my Feedbacks page for testimonials, like: "Charles is World Class! All the comics I ordered arrived quickly, were as described if not better and packaged exceptionally well. Charles is very communicative throughout the whole process and replied to any questions had promptly. I will definitely be a repeat customer." - Anthony L, Entry #199

NOTE on CGC graded comics: Some will have some "rainbow effects spots/pools" a.k.a. "Newton's rings" on the front and/or back, where the different inner and outer plastics may touch and light refracts through them. This does not hurt the comic in any way. See more info on my CGC Graded comics page. No returns because of this effect, ok? Get FREE raw comics with them too.

PLEASE read the main points on the "How to Order" page if interested in buying anything, before you e-mail or call me, thanks. I can take credit card orders via Square's Invoice program. I'm NOT buying, thanks. Site navigation links are at the bottom of all pages. "View" links are set to open in a new window/tab, so just close them to return here.

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See more about these CGC graded issues on my CGC comics page:
52 Week 12, 1st new Isis, 9.6 now $35.
Batman Special Edition #1 FCBD 2021, 9.6, $25.
Black Orchid #1-3, 1988 mini-series set, all are 9.8, SALE, now $125.
Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, two 9.6's, now $55 and $45.
Green Lantern: #195 9.8 (Guy Gardner becomes full time GL), SALE, now $150; #0, origin Simon Baz, 9.8, now $70; #20 (2011 series, 1st mention of Jessica Cruz) 9.8, $70, and 9.6 for $35.
Justice League #31, first full appearance of Jessica Cruz, 9.8, SALE, now $125.
Justice League Special Edition #1, Walmart exclusive reprint, 9.8, $150.
Justice League International Quarterly #13 newsstand, Linsner cover, 9.8, now $60.
Kingdom Come #2 and 3, both 9.6, now $50 ea.
Nolan Ryan in The Winning Pitch, cereal mail-in, 9.8, SALE, now $200, and 9.6 now $80.
Omega Men Vol. 1 #10, first full Lobo story, 9.6, now $40.
Shadow #7, 1988, 9.6, now $30.
Star Trek Next Generation: #75 signed by Sonia Hillios, 9.8, now $70, and Special #2 9.8, now $50.


(Includes mini-series, other 'starring' titles, one-shots, graphic novels, magazines, etc.)

Batman Chronicles #4 − "Contagion" story crossover, first full Hitman appearance. Precedes Hitman #1, and story continues in Hitman #1-3, listed down in the H's. 2 remaining copies are VF to VF/NM (8.0-9.0). Clearance!...$1 ea. (View generic pic)

1989 Official Motion Picture Adaptation (1st movie, with Keaton and Nicholson), prestige format comic, $4.95 cover price. Painted cover by Jerry Ordway. Mine has a couple very small faint dull scuff spots in the gloss from factory handling, as probably many do, you have glint it to see them. Otherwise it's 9.8...$10 (View)

(The) Brave and the Bold:
Fine- 5.5, off-white pages, 1972. Batman & Robin team up with Green Lantern, Black Canary and Green Arrow, also has a Neal Adams Deadman back-up story. Edge stuff and printing creases are the main things. Top edge above Spectacular has a 1" light thumbed wrinkle line; right edge has a 2" vertical stress line at middle, another 2" one from bottom edge up, about 1/4" in, and 1/4" vertical thumbed stress across from MAR. date; bottom right corner has a few stresses in various directions, 1/8" to 1/2", and you can see the bottom edge color dings/flakes in scan; two 1.25" or so horizontal printing creases, one through Comics Code box, other at top right corner of art; spine has a couple very light kinks near GL, otherwise very nice; little printing streaks at Batman circle; very slight bend/wave in Robin's head (standing next to Green Arrow); thin 1/8" indent line next to Black Canary's boot in left margin. Back cover has 2-3 ugly long printing creases, thicker than usual. All in top quarter, top crease is about 5.75"; angled up one below that is about 3", then another one just off of it goes straight across another 2". Scan of back is artificially darkened to show the creases better, but they are easy to see in person. Bottom edge has light sun fade/discoloration along most of it, not as dark as scan shows of course. Have a more natural scan I can email...$13 (View) (View back)

DC Special Series #21 "Super Star Holiday Special", 1980. Fine 6.0. First Frank Miller Batman art! 5 new holiday stories of Batman, House of Mystery, Jonah Hex, Sgt. Rock, and Superboy and the Legion. One small 1/4" tear on top & bottom edge back cover; 1" stress line top front cover above "stories"; top spine corner has little tick tear; couple minor spine kinks...$7 (View) (View back)

Secret Origins Special #1, 1989. 64 pages, with new origin stories of the Riddler, Penguin, and Two-Face, by Neil Gaiman and Mark Verheiden. Nice Brian Bolland cover too. Still at cover price...$4 (View)

Graphic Novels:

1st prints, hardcover, NM unless noted. All bagged, no longer shrinkwrapped.
(View all my Batman graphic novels)

Batman and Dracula: Red Rain. A vampire themed Elseworlds tale by Doug Moench, art by Kelley Jones. Sale! Was $24.95, now...$15 (View)

Bloodstorm. Sequel to Red Rain, again by Moench & Jones, with Batman as a vampire! Sale! Was $24.95, now...$15 (View)

Digital Justice. Far future tale, all computer generated art. The grandson of Commissioner Gordon becomes the new Batman, fighting a computer virus left by the Joker. Cover=$24.95. Clearance! Only...$7 (View)

Night Cries. Heavy story deals with child abuse. Painted art by Scott Hampton. Sale! Was $24.95, now...$15 (View)

Supporting cast:

Catwoman mini-series Vol. 1, #1-4 set, 1989. By Mindy Newell, w/J.J. Birch and Michael Bair art. #1 is signed on bottom margin of 1st page by inker Michael Bair (View), but no certificate. #3 is VF/NM due to what may be a production indent/groove line on back cover, upper left corner area, about 1" long (View), plus a few little spine stresses. Others are 9.6 or so. Yours for only...$10 (View)

Catwoman, 1993 series: #3, 4...$1 ea., #2 F, upper left corner got torn...50

Tales of the Teen Titans #43, Vol. 1, 1984 series. Nice NM 9.4, couple thin short spine stresses, little white stress mark and flake on bottom spine corner. Very nice spine, smooth cover. Has some usual ink rub-off in the white margin on back cover from other comics, no biggie. "The Judas Contract" part 2, with Deathstroke the Terminator going after Dick Grayson and various Teen Titans. First Jericho, son of Deathstroke. It is NOT in any way a 'cameo/1st mention of 1st Nightwing,' as some auction sellers are saying! ALL it says on the last story page for the next issue is "Dick Grayson's new identity!", which yes, is Nightwing, but there's no mention or art of 'Nightwing'. That happens in issue #44. So this is for Deathstroke fans, and his appearances on the 'Arrow' and 'Titans' TV shows have ignited interest in his early comic appearances again...$8 (View)


"Batman Returns" Official Collector's magazine, 1992, Topps. 72 pages covering the second movie, with cool deep 3-D hologram on the cover. Over 150 photos, cast/character profiles, Batmobile and weapons info, all the behind-the-scenes stuff, etc. Small white flake spot above left side Batman pic, tiny corner bend in lower right, otherwise very nice. Still cover price...$5.95 (View)

Comic Book Marketplace #70, Aug. 1999. NM-. 80 pages, celebrating Batman's 60th anniversary, with a Neal Adams cover. Put out by Overstreet/Gemstone, this is "The magazine for Golden, Silver and Bronze age comics collectors." No price guide, but has market reports from various dealers. Interviews with Neal Adams (with pencil sketches throughout), Jerry Robinson, Adam West, a graphic gallery and text overview of Batman's history, with comic covers and panels from various decades. Inside and outside of back cover has color 9-comic galleries too. Lots of nice dealer photo ads too, and regular columns. No mailing label. Tiny thumbed white stress on right edge, no tear; bottom spine corner tiny tip bump. A nice mag for Bat collectors, and not a big print run. $5.95 cover...$8 (View)

Comics Scene #6, from 1989 (inside says Vol. 4, #17, most call it Vol. 2), NM. Bob Kane Batman cover, and interview with Kane about the movie. Plus Keith Giffen on Justice League Europe, and interviews with Frank Miller, Mike Grell, Carl Barks, Chuck Dixon, Max Allan Collins, Ann Nocenti, and articles on Moon Knight, Frank Thorne's "Ribit" character, actor John Wayne Hames about the Superboy TV series, Ms. Tree and more. 70 pages, lots of pictures...$8 (View)

Comics Scene #9 (Vol. 4 #20 inside), VF-. Punisher cover. Articles/interviews with Michael Keaton for 1st Batman movie; storyboard artist Michael White; Punisher stuff about the Dolph Lundgren movie and interview with comic writer Carl Potts; preview of the 1st Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie; the Now Comics Green Hornet series; interviews with Clayton Moore the Lone Ranger; a look at Eclipse Comics "Hobbit" adaptation; cartoon voice master Charles Fleischer on Roger Rabbit and more. Cover has a light 2" double bendy line area near Punisher name, and bit of print crease at bottom staple, and some light reading kinks. $3.95 cover, yours for...$2 (View)

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Other Titles:

Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 of 12, 1985. George Perez art, tons of heroes. NM- 9.2...$8 (View)

Demon Vol. 2 #12, Lobo guest stars...$1

Hitman, 1996 series, Garth Ennis writing. Batman guest stars in #1-3, continuing from Batman Chronicles #4:
#1...$3 (View)
#2, #3...$2 ea.
Buy #1-3 for $6. That's less than many want for just #1.

JLA, 1997 series by Grant Morrison, $1.95 cover:
#5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 (NM-), 14...$2 ea.
#10-15 SET of "Rock of Ages" story, vs. Darkseid, Joker, Lex Luthor and more. #10, 11, 12, 15 have very minor corner dings/light bends from shipping, so VF/NM to NM-...$9 (View generic pic)

Justice League International Annual #2. Joker story & cover. VF/NM. Light 1" or so bend line on back lower left corner, short bit of wrinkle stress in it...$1.50 (View)

Legends #6 (of 6) 1986 mini-series. NM 9.4, 1 little chip out in top right corner, o/w it'd be 9.6. First new modern Justice League established. Vs. Darkseid. John Byrne art...$4 (View)

Mister Miracle #13, 14, 1989 series, Lobo appearances, on the cover too. 9.2-9.4...$2 each (View generic pic of both)

(The) Omega Men. 1982 series, early Lobo appearances. NONE are scarce or hard to find, don't believe those that say that, and asking way high prices. One of these years he'll get a movie or TV show:
#9, NM+ 9.6...$3 (View generic pic)

Preacher #6, from DC's Vertigo line. Adults only. Part 2 of 'Naked City' by Garth Ennis. NM- 9.2. Has a very faint hint of a bend in upper right tip, only 1/8" or 4mm, with extremely tiny bit of edge white there. Barely affects a few pages, you wouldn't notice if not told. Also has two 1/8" thin spine stresses and one 1/16" that's very hard to see. Yours for...$7 (View)

Psycho promo button. Done for the 1991 comic book by Hudnall & Brereton, this is a small round metal 1" diameter pinback button sent to comic shops. A mere...$.50 (View)

Seekers into the Mystery hanging mobile thingy. From the Vertigo series, this is a comic shop promo item from 1995. Has 5 double sided punch-out color art images from the series (each is 5"−6" across or so), including the title banner that they hang from, and string. As shown on the mounting card, it's 38.5"x10". Have 3, all unused and unpunched. Pic shows 2 of them, so you can see both sides...$3 ea. (View)

Starman, 1994 series: #2, #4, Clearance!...$1 ea.

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Debt of Honor hardcover graphic novel. 1992, by Chris Claremont and Adam Hughes, painted cover by Dave Dorman. 96 pgs, excellent story and art, with the original crew of the Enterprise (Kirk, Spock, McCoy etc.). 1st print, NM, not shrink-wrapped anymore, but bagged. $24.95 cover price, but for you, 40% off cover at...$15 (View)

Strange Adventures #153 (1963!) VG 5.0. "Threat of the Faceless Creature" sci-fi story, plus an Atomic Knights backup story. Cover NOT attached at bottom staple due to tears at top and bottom of staple, making a 'flap' there, but looks ok in scan. General reading wear, mostly along spine—20 or so short spine stress marks that don't show in the scan much, 1/8" to 3/16" mostly, 1 has a 3mm tear in it; light vertical stress/wrinkle lines inside of spine from rolling the cover back, but hard to see in the light background color; some light reading kinks; top spine corner tip ding, little tick out; 3/8" lower right corner crease, hard to see; light yellowing/tanning pages and inside cover margins. Back cover has a few little dull spots (possible moisture spots/wipes); some light indent or minor bend lines in lower right, seen when glinted; tiny tick/chip out bottom spine corner...$12 (View 580px wide, 152kb) (View 900px wide, 313kb) (View back)

Supergirl, 1996 series: #2, #3. Clearance!...$1 ea.

Superman black embossed cover edition of Diamond Comics Dist. Previews catalog. Vol. III, #2, February 1993, this is the neat all black embossed cover trumpeting Superman's return from the dead ('E's not dead, 'e's just stunned). One of the more collectible issues, and hard to find anymore. Contains multiple trading card sheets and ad slicks/mini-posters too, none have been removed: 4 promo/checklist card sheet of covers to Continuity Comics (Neal Adam's company) "Prelude to Deathwatch 2000"; an 8x11" cardstock ad slick/poster for Valiant's Turok Dinosaur Hunter, w/Bart Sears art; Jabba the Hutt promo card/ad for Star Wars Galaxy Cards series one; a 6 card promo sheet for various 1993 TSR Collector gaming cards, featuring 6 babes; two Dark Horse Comics checklist ads—one for Aliens Rogue and Aliens Colonial Marines series, with an Aliens Queen bookmark and 2 cards of comic covers, other for James Bond 007 Serpent's Tooth and A Silent Armageddon series, with a James Bond bookmark and 2 cards of comic covers; interviews with Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame, DC Editor Mike Carlin, Superman artist Jerry Ordway (who did the cover), and Jack Kirby, legendary Silver Age artist; Part 2 of "Aliens: Earth Angel" short comic story by John Byrne; a 2 page Superman cover gallery, plus many ads with art for all the comics and other stuff coming out back then. I have 2 of these, one has some page corners bent over for stuff I was interested in, and other one is unused. Both are pretty much NM- outside, with normal light shipping/shelf stuff, but no major scratches, peels, tears, dents, writing or the like. No harm to inside promos either. Neat item for the Superman or trading card collector!...$10 each, or $15 for both. (View w/most inserts) (View larger cover image)

Uncle Sam promo button. Square metal button, 1.5" x 2", with the red and white "U.S." logo for the 1997 comic series by Alex Ross...$1 (View)

If you're looking for answers to or information about the DC Universe, check out the DC Comics Database, it has tons of info on characters and titles, and their history. Plus lots of images, news, videos, people to answer questions, and more.

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