This page has my few CGC comic books and magazines for sale. Copper and Modern age (1980s-'90s) in high grade 9.6-9.8/Near Mint minus to Near Mint-Mint condition, and white pages unless noted. Sorted by DC, Image/Independent/Valiant and Magazines. All are first prints. These are in the newer super-clear thicker cases, and none are in the funky spring 2016 "new design" case that had multiple problems. None were pressed or had other work done. These are also listed on their respective company or category pages. Cases are all nice unless noted (all will have some fine scratches of course), with protective bags. See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. See my Feedbacks page for testimonials. See this page on my site for Overstreet Grading Definitions.

NEWS: Sent some comics and mags on 7-26 to CGC for grading, hope to have them back in mid/late Sept. Inquire if interested:
1) Avengers #1 1998 series, Heroes Return, hope for 9.8.
2) Omega Men #10, first full Lobo story, hope for 9.6. 1 person in line.
3) Punisher Annual #1, Evolutionary War, hope for 9.8. Only 7 9.8's so far.
4) Sabretooth Special #1, should be 9.8.
5) Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 one-shot. Should be 9.8, and only 3 9.8's so far.
6) Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1, #101, hope for 9.6. Black costume cover by John Byrne. 1 person in line.
7) Venom: Carnage Unleashed #3, should be 9.8, only 22 so far. 1 person in line.
8) Femme Fatales mag Vol. 5 #7, Jan. 1997, Elvira cover, hope for 9.6, may be 9.4, but will be the only 1 graded.
9) Heavy Metal mag, Sept. 1995, painted cover of Julie Strain, signed by Olivia De Berardinis, will get a green label. Hope for 9.8. It will be the only 1 graded too.
10) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 25th anniversary issue, 1989. Hope for 9.4, which will make it the highest graded copy of only 3 graded.

CGC, a.k.a. Certified Guaranty Company, started in 2000, is the oldest and largest professional 3rd party comic book grading company. See my Resources page for more info and a link to their site to learn more.

PLEASE read the main points on the "How to Order" page if interested in buying anything, before you e-mail or call me, thanks. I can take credit card orders via Square's Invoice program. I'm NOT buying, thanks. Site navigation links are at the bottom of all pages. "View" links are set to open in a new window/tab, so just close them to return here.

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NOTE: Most all will have some "spots/pools" on the front and/or back where the different plastic inner encasement and outer case may touch, a.k.a. "Newton's rings". More widespread rainbow swirls effect shows when you tilt the case (which is not how you normally look at your comics, right?), due to light refracting through both types of plastic. It's just science. Snippet from CGC's FAQs: "It's the refractive qualities of the hard outer shell and the inner sheet over the book. There is no liquid present, or anything that can damage your book." See this 10-9-18 post on their Announcements forum for more info on this. No returns because of this effect, ok? The areas will look better or worse depending on the viewing angle too, so scans and camera pics will likely not accurately reflect the full amount of such areas, but most look fine straight on. I have larger images I can send you too, and can describe them in more detail, but getting better angled camera pics is difficult and time consuming, so before you order you'll have to decide whether this effect will bother you much. You can take it up with CGC if you want any reholdered, but there's no guarantee they'll come back looking any better, and it will cost you a $15 fee plus shipping, and none of mine are worth that to me. The newest ones done June 2017 have little to no pools on the fronts, but have some on the backs. Get FREE raw comics with them too, some noted below, or your choice from my clearance books.


Batman: Sword of Azrael #1-4 set. #1=9.6, #2=9.8, #3=8.5, #4=9.6. Certification #0294317001 to 004 sequentially. First appearance and origin of Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley), now seen on the Gotham TV show. CGC graders and my notes on Sword of Azrael #3: "multiple indents top back cover" are 2-3 super light reading kinks, only 1 is noticeable; "small crease lower back cover" -- only thing I see looking super close is a tiny thumbed wrinkle line at bottom edge, maybe 3-4mm, almost invisible; "small stain top back cover"-- not enough info, and only thing that may be it is a little round faint gray spot in Snipes' forehead hairline on right side, but that may be on inside of the well, impossible to tell. Or the stain may only show enough on the inside cover to find it. They don't mention the 1/4" printing wrinkle beneath Wesley Snipes lower lip, but I will. It LOOKS like a 9.6+ on the outside, but wasn't worth taking the chance to have it reviewed and get charged $15 for reholdering if it got the same grade. So it's free with the set, PLUS Azrael regular series #1 and 2, if available...$130 (View set) (View back of #3) (View close-up #3 printing wrinkle)

Preacher #6, 9.8. Adults only. Certification #0294317005. Part 2 of 'Naked City' by Garth Ennis. Now an AMC TV series. Get my VF/NM raw copy with it for FREE!...$40 (View)

Star Trek Next Generation #75 signed by artist Sonia Hillios, 9.8. Certification #0294317006. Has the Green 'Qualified' label, as CGC didn't witness the signature (signed before CGC existed). I guarantee it to be genuine or money back (I had Sonia sign various issues by mail). Only copy graded of this issue so far, so unique, and highest in the census of course. Nice painted cover art with Riker and Borg. And I'll throw in your choice of 1 of the other Hillios signed issues too! (See those on the DC or Star Trek pages.)...$55 (View)


Darkness #1/2, 9.6. First one, 1996, from Wizard magazine and Image Comics/Top Cow. Certification #1227463010. Not many graded or on the market. With 'loose' Wizard certificate, as CGC doesn't encapsulate them. Grader notes mention 'small scuffs center cover', but I didn't see them before submitting and can't find them now, so thought it'd get a 9.8. Slight white printing fade top right edge. Pretty 'Newton pool' free too, but there's a small loose piece of what's probably microchamber paper inside the case in the back upper right corner. Yours for only...$25 (View)

Maxx #1, 9.6, Vol. 1 1993. Certification #1227463011. Unlike the 9.8 I had, this one is pretty Newton effect free on the front, has some on the back. One noticeable spine stress mark is the main thing, near Maxx's knee...$35 (View)

(John Byrne's) Next Men #1, 9.8. Vol.1, 1992, from Dark Horse Comics. Certification #1227463012. Cardstock cover with silver foil title. Highest graded, pretty 'Newton pool' free too. Get a free raw copy too!...$55 (View)

Shadowman #16, Vol. 1, 9.6. Certification #1227463013. First appearance of Dr. Mirage, possible CW TV show to come. Has 1 little spine stress about an inch below 'Restaurant' that is very hard to see, but kept it out of 9.8. Also has some Newton ring effect in headlights, across car hood, and in the 'cloud' behind the car. Buy it for a mere...$25 (View)


"Golden Anniversary of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" magazine by Gladstone, 1987. 2 copies, both 9.8. Certification #'s 1227462001 and 002. These are the only 2 9.8's, and highest graded copies. If you're a 'top census' collector or just want the best copy, here you go. Due to the size I had to scan the mags and labels separately and stitch the scans together, so that's why the labels don't match up perfectly everywhere and are a different shade. These reprint the original 1937 comic strip, in color. Has a bound-in pack of Panini stickers and a poster of the cover, art by Ron Dias. #001 is slightly better presenting on the front cover, as #002 has 2-3 teeny tiny white flecks here and there (other white flecks you may see are just dust spots or scanner glass stuff), and it has a small Newton pool above the fireplace, while #001 has none. The couple whitish marks between 'Walt' and 'Disney's' are a scratches/gouges on the scanner glass. Both copies have case scuffs near Grumpy's head somehow, same 2 kinds of swipes (Quality Control wasn't so great on this batch). What may look like cracks in the left case margin are just the 'ends' of the spacer thing they add in to keep the mags in place, but very hard to see in the scans. BUT, #001 got a crack in the back case, upper spine side corner, due to it sliding off my scanner lid and hitting the hard chair mat instead of the rug of course, crap. It's mostly behind the label, about 1" long and goes around the edge. Nothing is loose, corner is tight. Also got 1 small crack in front case on the right corner edge. Happened after scanning, so took camera pics of them. It's not worth my time or money to send it in for a reholder, but you can if you want. I see much more common magazines in 9.8 go for a few hundred dollars, but there's no market data for these, and you can't get them in 9.8 anywhere else at the moment.
The better one, #002 is...$200 (View #002) (View back)
The cracked case one is...$160, which should cover most of the reholdering fee and shipping (if you use the UPS option, or combine it with an order), and you get free Disney stuff with each. (View #001) (View cracks)

NOTE: #002 is also on consignment at Comic Link, the link will go direct to my listing (opens in a new window/tab). They will sell/ship to buyers outside the U.S., so that's an option for those people. You pay them, they pay me when you get the mag.

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