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Advertising Items:

Donald Duck & nephews Chevy car dealer advertising banner/poster. SUPER RARE! This large vinyl/plastic banner was made in the 1980s I think, and has Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie riding in a flying car. It's a huge 4 feet by 6 feet, and has about 8 little splits (3/4" to 2") in it here and there (several in car hood under windshield), patched by clear tape on the back. Has some slight 'ribbing' effect from being rolled so long, which you can see some in the pic, but can probably be heated out or rolled larger and naturally worked out. Nice condition otherwise, and stored rolled in a tube since I've had it. It was for a promotional campaign for renting Chevrolets from National Car Rental and going to Disneyland, and the Anaheim Hilton is mentioned on it too. I got it way back in the late 1980's, from a guy who worked for an Arizona Chevy dealership, and he got it a few years before that. Not sure if it was only a regional promotion or national, but likely regional, and most were thrown out. The several inch wide border at the top is clear, but shows as black as it's laying on a black sheet. Larger pic available. If wall space is a problem, there's always the ceiling. Considering that even modern limited edition Disney lithographs and animation cels sell for several hundred to a thousand dollars plus, that are much smaller, and almost always available, shouldn't this be worth much more due to scarcity alone, much less size?...$300 (View)

Walt Disney Classics Collection:

Mr. Smee (from Peter Pan) "Event" piece from 1994/1995, titled "Oh Dear, Dear Dear." Figurine is about 5" tall, and inspection sticker says it's #12,238. NOT the teal flower version. With box and certificate. I'll include the matching button and postcard too. Has crazing in most of the flesh colored areas (left arm is worst), some on his left side of shorts, legs, nose, and shirt across the back. Does not affect the integrity of the piece, and is a common thing with porcelain. List price was $90. Clearance! Now just...$15 (View) (View top/left arm, side of shorts and leg)

Promo Postcards: Images of the WDCC statues. Unused. (View all):

5.75"x8.75" ones: Donald Duck & Nephews; Fantasia Centaurs/Cupids; Peter Pan/Hook/Croc; or Snow White (2)...$1 ea.

4"x6" ones: Cruella DeVil; Flight of Fancy (Cupid, have 2); Mr. Smee (2); Three Little Pigs, or Wicked Witch from Snow White (2)...50 ea.
Save $2 and buy all 13 postcards for $7.

1994 & 1995 WDCC catalogs. After seeing people supposedly pay up to $12 for near mint ones on that auction site (why?), I decided to list mine for more reasonable prices. Both are 7"x10" and 28 pages. Nice color photos of various statues, with some history and production info. Complete, no writing etc:

1994 has some bending on the back cover at spine, and affects last page; store stamp on front; and some corner bending in lower right, so call it VG, so only...$2 (View) (View Peter Pan page) (View back/inside page)

1995 has a few spine stresses, little edge scrape top left, and spots on edges, overall Very Fine. $8 cover price on back. Yours for...$4 (View) (View Snow White page)

Magazines, Misc:

Comics Buyer's Guide, Sept. 15, 2000, #1400. Memorial to Carl Barks, creator of Uncle Scrooge. Letters from fans/pros about Barks' passing, 1 page tribute inside...$2 (View)

Comics Scene #6, from 1989 (inside says Vol. 4, #17, most call it Vol. 2), Near Mint. Mag covers the comic book world, and this issue has a 4 page article on Carl Barks, with multiple pics of his Disney paintings. Plus a Bob Kane Batman cover, and interview with Kane about the 1989 movie, and other comic book related articles and interviews. 70 pages, lots of pictures, $3.50 cover price, yours for...$3 (View)

Comics Scene #9 (Vol. 4 #20 inside), Very Fine-. 3 page article about cartoon voice master Charles Fleischer on Roger Rabbit; articles/interviews with Michael Keaton for 1st Batman movie; Punisher cover and info about the Dolph Lundgren movie and interview with comic writer Carl Potts; various other articles on comic book related stuff. Cover has a light 2" double bend line area near Punisher name, and bit of print crease at bottom staple, and some light reading kinks. $3.95 cover, yours for...$1.50 (View)

"Golden Anniversary of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." By Gladstone, 1987. Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the original 1937 comic strip story, which is fully reprinted in color. Comes with a pack of Panini stickers, and a poster of the cover bound inside. 2 copies. Both graded 9.8 Near Mint/Mint by CGC, more info on my CGC Graded comics page. One with the better case/slab is $210, and the other one has a crack in the case in back, so it's $140, plus you get free stuff with either. (View)

Storyboard, the Art of Laughter, Vol. 1, #1, Fall 1990. Actually it's Volume two, as they did a previous version, but they call this Volume 1 also. Celebrates Disneyland's 35th anniversary (1st of two issues they did for it), with old and new pics, and has interviews with Walter Lantz and Peter Schneider. Very nice glossy mag with all kinds of articles, including collecting, and lots of cool dealer ads for coins, cels, and other stuff. Nice near mint copy, no mailing label. These didn't get much distribution, and the mag has gone out of business, so back issues are it. At cover price...$5 (View)

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Premiums and Promos:

Chicken Little Step Counter/Pedometer. A 2007 Kellogg's cereal premium. About 2.5"x1.75", hang it on your belt and it counts how many steps you take (it counts STEPS, not distance). Sealed in bag. Will need new batteries now, so only...$1 (View)

Cinderella II DVD video promo pin/button. 2"x3". Have multiples. Regular buttons like this usually retail for about $5. Only...$1 ea. (View)

Watches (last one!):

Carl Barks self-portrait watch. Made by Gifted Images, mid-1990's I think, possibly earlier (nothing I have with it has a year stated, but I bought it new, years ago). Has a caricature of Barks dressed in Donald Duck clothing, with facsimile signature. NOT a Disney product. Only 565 were made, of which 500 were sold to the general public, so the certificates are numbered out of 500. Mine's #146 of 500. Came in just a "suede-like pouch", not a box. I also saved the solicitation from the Diamond Comics order book. Watch has all metal case, Japan movement, gold tone (doesn't say gold plated anywhere), gold tone hands, water resistant, and black leather alligator style band. Roman numerals mark the hours on the 1.25" diameter case. Will need a new battery. The certificate states "This watch published by Gifted Images Publishing has been created from an original drawing by Carl Barks. It has been produced in a limited edition of 565, which consists of a general edition of 500; 50 publishers proofs; 15 artists proofs. Each Certificate of Authenticity has been individually numbered," etc. . I think these were $79.95 or $89.95 new, but nothing I have with it has a price on it, and the Diamond catalog page only has "PI" for "Please Inquire" for price, which was only in the dealer's order form. One sold at a Hake's auction in 2008 for $115, without the certificate. This is a scarce piece for you Barks collectors, and you may look for a long time before you find another one. (The darker gold areas on the case are a reflection of ME taking the pic, not tarnishing or discoloration)...$125 (View)

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