This page has all my remaining Sports memorabilia for sale. Trading cards, cereal premiums and mail-ins, car magazines & posters, other sports mags/media, NASCAR die-cast, and oddball items. Most merchandise is from the 1990s-2002, so nothing real old or vintage, but it will be one day, so buy it now. Items are in as new condition, unless noted. Please ask questions before you buy so you know what you're getting. See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions.

See my Feedbacks page for testimonials, like: "Excellent experience with this seller. He was very prompt from my initial inquiry to the shipment of my items. Very satisfied with the service provided to me and with my purchase. Highly recommend." - Eva R, Entry #195

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All are near mint unless noted.
View all my Sports cards here, or click "View" next to each one.


Ken Griffey Jr. 1992 Premiere Edition set by Playball USA. Limited to only 11,000 sets. 6 different cards, gold prism hologram foil bordered, in clear baggie with numbered sticker on flap, Griffey in Seattle Mariner uniform. Photos on front, art sketches on back. I saved the part of the page from the Diamond Dist. catalog with the solicitation too, which is what notes the 11,000 limitation. Never opened, I have 2 sets, #6713 and #6965...$5 each, or $8 for both! (View)


1991 Fleer NBA basketball 9-card uncut promo sheet, 8"x11". Inserted in various mags, mine came from Diamond Previews catalogs. You get Robert Parrish (Celtics), Tim Hardaway (Warriors), David Robinson (Spurs), Lionel Simmons (Kings, Rookie Sensation #1), Patrick Ewing (Knicks, #4 of 6), Kevin Johnson (Suns, #4 of 6 Schoolyard Stars), Coach Mike Dunleavy (Lakers), Kenny Smith (Rockets), and Ewing blocking Karl Malone at the All-Star Game. All have an upper right corner tip ding, but it's in the wide margin and can easily be trimmed out, otherwise they're near mint. I have 12 sheets, buy several! I see sellers asking $3-$5 for these, but buy mine for only...$1 each, or $6 for all 12! (View)

Fleer Ultra 1995/96 NBA basketball 6-card uncut promo sheet, 8.5"x11". Nice thick cardstock, with glossy finish and gold stamping. You get Mookie Blaylock (Hawks), Antonio McDyess (Nuggets), Hakeem Olajuwon (Rockets), Nick Van Exel (Lakers), Jerry Stackhouse (Sixers), and Damon Stoudamire (Raptors). Most all have one or more corner tip dings, from storage etc., but pretty minor. Will pick best one as they go. Have 20 of them so buy several! I see sellers asking $3-$6 and higher for these, but buy mine for only...$1 each, or only $10 for all 20! (View)


McDonald's Miami Dolphins 1993 Gameday sheets B & C, by Fleer. Sheets have 6 cards. Near Mint, with nice glossy photos and player's info on back.
Sheet B has Keith Jackson, Dan Marino, John Offerdahl, Louis Oliver, Tony Page, & Pete Stoyanovich (have 4)...$1 each (View)
Sheet C has Tony Martin, Irving Fryar, Troy Vincent, Richmond Webb, Jarvis Williams, & O.J. McDuffie (have 5)...$1 each, or buy all 9 sheets for $5! (View)

Marshall Faulk 1995 NFL Pro Line Game Breakers IIP1 sample insert/chase, from Classic. Fancy foil etched finish. Faulk in his Indianapolis Colts #28 uniform, with "sample" printed to his left. I see people still asking $3-$5 for these! Clearance!... .50 (View)

Keyshawn Johnson 1996 NFL Rookies sample/promo, from Classic. "Rookie of the Year Interactive" printed next to Keyshawn, and "sample" printed lightly across him. Couple TINY flakes in lower left corner tip. Clearance!... .50 (View)


Dale Earnhardt Jr. (NASCAR) 2003/2004 Post Cereal hologram. Cool two-channel hologram, with one view of the #8 car, other view is of Earnhardt. Back has bio and career info. Has decoder window for use with Postopia game stuff. Have 3, all NM/M in sealed bags. A mere...$1 ea. (View)

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Cereal premiums and other mail-ins:

NASCAR Casey Mears plastic cereal bowl, from Post, sold only at Target stores, and they did 3 drivers for the Target/Ganassi racing team, but I only have this one, unused. Small 5.5" diameter, 1.75" deep, with picture of Mears and car in the bottom. Only...$1 (View)

Post bobbleheads/bobble head baseball figures. All sealed in bags, about 3 1/8" tall, from 2002: Luiz Gonzales (2, Diamondbacks), Mike Piazza (Mets), Bernie Williams (Yankees)...$2 ea. (View)

Post Major League Baseball CD-ROM #3, featuring the American League East. From the set of 6 cereal inserts from 2003. The discs have home run video clips, an interactive baseball game called "Home Run Derby Showdown," virtual trading cards of top players from Upper Deck, a RealOne player with a 14-day free trial to RealOne SuperPass, and 1045 hours of free Internet access from AOL. Requires a RealOne player to work, and only works with Windows. Apparently has lots of ads for AOL and RealNetwork stuff to wade through too. Sealed in bag as new. Can't guarantee it will work, so NO RETURNS on this item. Makes cool coasters, big earrings, necklace bling, hanging mobiles and anything other crafty thing you can do with CDs too. Have 2, and have seen others asking $3-$3.99, but I only want...$1 ea. (View)

Super Bowl XXX (1996) helmet mug, M.I.B.. A mail-in from Maxwell House coffee, this is a nice helmet-shaped ceramic mug commemorating Super Bowl #30, won by the Dallas Cowboys. Has no Cowboys stuff on it, just Super Bowl XXX stuff. About 4" high and 5" long, holds 20 oz.. Never used, still in Styrofoam mailer. (The upper white spot in pics is glare from a light)...$8 (View)

Die-Cast NASCAR Cars & Vehicles:

All as new, mint on card/in box/in bag etc.
View all my NASCAR vehicles here, or click "View" link next to each.

Bill Elliott #94 Upper Deck/McDonald's 1:64 car, and trading card, 1995/96. Cereal mail-in. Racing Champions car. My last one has mush/creases in the lower right corner (1/2" crease nearer tip, 1" bend near bubble)...$3 (View)

1998 Racing Champions 50th Anniversary 1:64 Gold editions, ltd. to 5000. The little plaques all have defects, and came that way. The #10 & #11 car plaques have tiny little bubble areas in them, and #29 has some of the black color off (View), but no flakes in the package. Originally $8 retail, buy these for just $5 each, or buy all 3 for $10!:
#10 Dura Lube Phil Parsons, #1381/5000 (View)
#11 Paychex Brett Bodine, #1468/5000 (View)
#29 Mopar Bob Keselowski pick-up truck, #4752/5000 (View)

Terry Labonte #5 car Kellogg's Racing Team cereal mail-ins:

Hendrick team transporter/hauler/semi trailer, the 2001 version. JUST the trailer, not the cab. These had problems with the tires splitting, so they offered replacement transporters if you returned the cab and tires, which I did for my other two, but not this one. It has 1 bad tire that I know of. Nice colorful piece. Buy it for only...$3 (View)

1999 Pull 'N Go cars. Pull-back action, 1:64 scale, some versions have Hot Wheels on the bottom, but not all. Bagged, with decal sheet. I have (pictured in order) 1 Corn Flakes, and 1 NASCAR Racers. Only...$2 ea. (View)

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Magazines & Media:

Automobiles Classiques #1, Vol. 1, Spring/Summer 1984. This is the American/English edition done by Arnauld de Fouchier Inc. in New York, which put out 1 issue, then was sold and restarted by a French publisher, then that happened again. Very high quality mag covering exotic and racing cars. 117 editorial pages, then 5 double page cutaway images of 5 racing cars: Porsche DP 936 & 935, BMW 320 & M-1, and Opel Ascona 400. Cover pic of a white Lamborghini Countach. Inside there's articles and great photos of the Lamborghini Countach, Mercedes Benz 300 SLR, Ferrari 275 GTB, the Duesenberg J & SJ, Connolly Bros (makers of the famous leather seat coverings), and an interview with Ferruccio Lamborghini, with nice pics of many of his creations. Excellent condition, I'm calling it Very Fine-Near mint. Some minor reading kinks on the back, and the binding glue has dried and separated from the pages, but they were also sewn in, so nothing has come loose, and it's perfectly readable. One subscription card of the 3 in the back has been removed ($49.95 for 4 issues, cover price was $15!). Near as I can find out, this appears to be the ONLY edition done in English, so I'd think that would make it highly collectible in the U.S. car mag market. Yours for original price...$15 (View)

Automobile Magazine, Oct. 1994 (Vol. 9, #7), "New Cars '95" issue. Covers new domestic vehicles for 1995. Address label area blacked out with marker, otherwise, fine/very fine condition, complete...$1 (View)

Automobile Magazine, Nov. 1994 (Vol. 9, #8), "Imports, New for '95" issue. Has an article about musician J. Geils and his car restoration business; article with photos of various auction, racing and vintage car painted art posters. F/VF or better...$1 (View)

Car and Driver "American Muscle Cars" 2003 calendar. 16 months, but 12 'full size' with photos. Unused, some slight fine scratches, one noticeable one on front, left side of windshield, very fine overall. Nice 12"x11" full page, full color photos of muscle cars from various years: 1998 Dodge Viper, 1969 Camaro street rod, 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge, 1971 Barracuda convertible, 1977 Custom Corvette, 1970 Mustang Boss 302, 2000 Mustang Cobra, 1967 Plymouth GTX 426, 2001 Prowler convertible, 1999 Panoz AIV roadster, 1970 Road Runner, 2000 Trans Am WS6. You could cut off the pics and frame them for the wall. Was $10.99 new, yours for...$7 (View front, back, Feb.)

Sports Car International, June 1990 (Vol. 6, #6). Cover photo and article/road test of the Ferrari F40, along with Lamborghini's Countach and Diablo. Plus the M.G. K-3, Alpha 164, MR2 Turbo and more. ALSO comes with a bound-in folded poster of the F40, approx. 15x21". Cover has white peel spots area from label removal, otherwise excellent condition. Still cover price...$3 (View)

See more about my Nolan Ryan in The Winning Pitch cereal mail-in comics, 9.8 and 9.6, on SALE through Feb. 29 on the CGC graded comics page.

"Sports Heroes, Feats & Facts" 3-ring binder starter kit, near mint. Put out by International Masters Publishers back in 1995 or so. With the initial promotional stuff, you got the photo-illustrated 9.5"x10.5" hardboard binder and 24 pages (21 fact files, 3 posters) of various Superstar athletes, and then you subscribed (paid) to get the rest of the hundreds of pages, in 12 sheet packs. Each heavyweight glossy paper file page folds out too, with multiple color photos of the athletes, with their history and stats. Nice quality stuff! Here's the list of page numbers with my set:
Baseball: #1 Bo Jackson, #4 Ken Griffey Jr., #12 Willie Mays, #14 Mickey Mantle, #20 Nolan Ryan, #23 Jackie Robinson.

Basketball: #1 Michael Jordan (folded across the middle, as it was a bonus one I got somewhere), #2 Charles Barkely, #9 Magic Johnson, #11 Larry Bird, #19 Scottie Pippen, #20 Patrick Ewing, #24 Wilt Chamberlain.

Football: #2 Jerry Rice, #7 Joe Namath, #10 Emmitt Smith, #11 Reggie White, #15 Joe Montana (folded across middle, another bonus one), #25 Gale Sayers, #26 Michael Irvin.

"All Sports Champions": #1 Mario Lemieux, #7 Carl Lewis, #11 Muhammad Ali.

Posters section (posters fold out to 10"x14", full color): #10 Joe Montana, #11 Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson, #18 Frank Thomas.

You also get 5 "Greatest Moments," 4 "Bloopers & Trivia," and 3 "Record Book" pages. Plus a Sports Talk booklet with common phrases and definitions, a Guide for filling in the binder, and 8 dividers with photos on them too. If you replied to the first offer you also got the ESPN Sports Blooper Awards, a 35 minute VHS video hosted by Chris Berman. I have that, watched it once. An ad flyer says the Blooper video is a "$19.95 value", but we all know better. The starter kit is supposedly a $25.95 value according to them, but everyone sells these pretty cheap. Most listings I saw on a quick search didn't have the video, and had terrible descriptions, so you had no idea what you were getting. Saw places trying to sell individual pages for $2-$8 each too. This would make a cool gift for that sports nut, or a kid fan. Clearance! Now just...$8 (View)

Sports Illustrated 25th Anniversary Swimsuit issue, Feb. 1989 (Vol. 70, #6), CGC graded 9.2, only 2 graded higher of VERY few graded. Certification #2058274003. Kathy Ireland cover, with inside pics of Rachel Hunter, Stephanie Seymour, Kelly Emberg and more. It has all the covers from previous swimsuit issues, and articles on all the cover girls, including legends like Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Elle MacPherson, Paulina Porizkova, Carol Alt, and the rest. Newsstand copy, no mailing label. Case front has multiple small scuffs and fine scratches, you can see some in the scan. Quality Control was not paying attention, but I don't feel like returning it for reholdering at the moment. No returns for the scuffing. Hard to know what to ask, as there's few graded swimsuit issues on the market, and high prices being asked even for 1980's. Only 1 1981 copy sold for $195 in 9.0 and a 7.0 sold for around $175 that I've found. So if someone can pay that, this should be a bargain. Reduced! Was $180, now..$160 (View)

Sports Illustrated for Kids, January 2000 (Vol. 12, #1), Randy Moss 2000 futuristic "art" cover. Comes with a collectible 9-card sheet of "Athlete of the Decade" cards (vintage photos & action shots), of Jim Thorpe, Babe Ruth, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Pele, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Jordan. Thorpe card has light kink bend in it. Mag has Randy Moss photo centerfold and article, Guide to the Super Bowl, 2000 Olympics countdown, 100 Years of Sports trivia/article, and tips on playing by Allen Iverson (basketball), Shannon Dunn (snowboarder), and Theo Fleury (hockey). No mailing label, VF+ or better overall. At cover price...$3 (View)

TV Guide, Feb. 13-19, 1999, "NASCAR '99". Four different "signature" covers of the top drivers; Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett, Mark Martin, and Rusty Wallace. Signatures are printed, so NOT hand-signed. Preview of the 1999 racing season, with schedule, and another article featuring Terry Labonte. Also articles on Stephen King's "Storm of the Century," and TV's Top 10 Most Romantic Couples. All are excellent/near mint newsstand copies, complete, with no mailing labels or "local" edition name stamps on them. $1.59 cover. I have 2 full sets and 2 extra Jeff Gordons.
Singles...$2.50 each
Best condition set of 4...$8 (View)

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Miscellaneous Toys & Collectibles:

All as new, unused, unless noted.

Batman Glow-in-the-dark mail-in flying disc (like a Frisbee, but not made by Wham-O) from the 1989 Batman cereal, mint in mailer bags. 9" diameter. The copyright date of 1940 on it refers to that version of the Bat Symbol, not the year this disc was produced, as they of course didn't make these things in 1940. Have 2...$20 ea. (View)

Cal Ripken Jr. mini-bat and card set, by Signature Bats, 1996. Mint in package, still shrinkwrapped. Mine's #3481/15,000. "The World's Smallest Louisville Slugger", the black wooden bat is 4.5" long, and "every bat is a genuine scale replica of game used equipment and bears the Louisville Slugger trademark and player's reproduced signature," it says on the box. Comes with acrylic stand that holds both bat and card. Neat little item for Baltimore Orioles/Ripken fans. The clear plastic lid has a "wave" in it on right side due to the shrink-wrap, just so you know. List price was $15. Clearance!...$10 (View)

Starting Lineup 1996 Olympics Dan O'Brien figure, with trading card. Part of the Timeless Legends series. Dan was the Olympic Decathlon champion. NM hang card/bubble. Clearance!...$2 (View)


Lamborghini Countach Alpine Stereo ad poster. 18.75"x38". I think this one was for Alpine's 25th anniversary. Have 2, never displayed, excellent condition, but both have some foxing (foxing is small brown spots), mostly on the back, but now some on the front. Front foxing is in the gray areas, so doesn't show unless glinted (then you see dull spots in the gloss). One has more than the other, most is on the left side. On normal poster stock. Long out of print, but several internet sellers still have them (at $20-$26), although some auction sellers claim 'rare', and charge outrageous shipping.
Slightly better one...$8
Other one (couple more minor handling kinks)...$6 (View)
Buy both for just $10!

Motorcycle Motocross Flick Trix toys store advertising poster/banner. Big 29"x72" door size poster for a line of toy "finger" motorcycles from Spin Master Toys. Dated 2000. Vinyl type poster, very nice condition, but has a few minor kinks here and there. Has to be pretty rare by now, and surely someone's kid or motocross toy fan would love this on their wall...$10 (View)

Roy Jones Jr. (the boxer) shoe store advertising poster. Huge! 48"x82", and double-sided. An advance poster for the July 2000 release of Jordan TRUNNER LX training shoes, and Roy models them in the photo. Got it from a Foot Action store. One side has a 3.75" edge tear in margin, a couple 1/2" to 3/4" ones above it, and another longer one at bottom margin at one of the hanger loops, but lots of margin there; 15" horizontal hump line on one side that goes through the shoe at the bottom; and some various wrinkles/vein lines here and there from handling, but nothing severe, overall it's decent condition, but certainly "used" some. Could easily be separated into 2 posters since it's separate sheets attached only at the bottom now, so you could keep one and sell the other, or put one on each side of the gym or garage wall, or wherever, or keep as is and put in a window. How hard do you think this is to come across these days? Hoping one of his fans would love to have this. Have seen much smaller fight posters of his sell for $50, and remember, this is two-sided...$35 (View)

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