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(M.O.C., M.I.B., M.I.P. means Mint On Card/In Box/In Package)

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Amazing Spider-Man collectibles:

Corgi Junior/Juniors/Jr. helicopter, A.K.A. the Spidey Copter. As new on card, product #75, copyright date 1976 Mettoy Co. LTD., stock #55000. Bubble is clear, has crunched area on the top towards the right edge, crinkled/pushed in at edge and down the end a bit, and some push-out on the right end, and underneath right edge has a creasing/indent spot. Top edge left side also has a little mush area. Bubble front is nice, has a couple tiny dimples, and 1 white spot near top edge. Card is nice, some minor dirt, no sticker peels, no tears or writing. Couple thin horizontal paper wrinkles in Spidey's leg, and some vertical ones through hanger hole and below. Copter has the usual splitting started on the front of the leg mounts, see pic. Nice piece...$18 (View) (View leg splits, bubble crunch)

Stealth Venom action figure, black version, M.O.C., 1996, by Toy Biz, later changed to clear version. Neither are rare at all, so don't believe that hype! Mine has a 1/4" x 3/16" sticker pull spot in the webbing near top edge. Prices going up in advance of the Venom II movie...$15 (View)

"The Marvel Collection" statue/bisque (1990). Limited to 7500, but not numbered. Designed by John Romita Sr., this is the first Spider-Man statue Marvel did, in a series of 4 character "bisques". 6.75" tall, or about 7" mounted on the cherrywood base with brass nameplate too. As new in nice box. Was $49.95 new. Clearance! 50% off retail...$25 (View)

1984 Telephone, by MCG. The first Spidey phone. About 9"x7"x11", with a nice semi-hard vinyl figure climbing down a chimney. Phone still works, but it's pulse only, not a tone/touch-tone phone. Mine is missing the 2 decals on the handset, and the one decal on the base is missing the top part that had his web line down to his wrists. No box. I bought this used in the early-mid 1990s via mail order, and it's been in the closet since. It shows some minor use, with light scratches on the handset and that type of wear in the handset base, and some on chimney corners, so not near mint, but no major defects or noticeable problems. Pic is of mine. About $100-$150 in guides if new in the box, and have found others asking $65-$150 for loose ones. Yours for only...$25 (View)

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Cereal Mail-ins, Other Premiums, Misc:

1996 30th Anniversary Silver Surfer statue. Only 1800 made, mine's #271, and have owned it since new. Based on the original Jack Kirby design, sculpted by Dene Musson, produced by Creative License. About 10.25" tall by 10" long, the body is cold cast porcelain and the board is pewter, on a base metal base, all covered in a very thin coat of pure silver. Never displayed, but it has a batch of very small dot tarnishing spots on the front top of the board, and they appear to be underneath the clear finish, which is pretty common after all this time. I noticed these a few years ago, and they don't seem to have grown. They show up better or less so, depending on the strength of the light and viewing angle. There's also a few dull spots (8 or so) in the same area, the largest are 3-4mm by 2mm or so, others are very small, and these appear to be where some of the silver coating didn't take, or was mishandled at the factory, vs. clear coat problems, as you can tell it's two different 'shades/gloss' of silver. Another dull spot area near his back foot in the middle 'stripe' of the board, in a little line of shallow casting imperfections, with a bit of tarnishing spots in it too. The normal viewing angle is from the side with the engraving (despite the reverse pic on the box), so the board's tilt keeps the top of it angled away from view. The underneath front of the board also appears to have missed being fully coated with silver, but it's still silvery there due to the pewter, and you don't see it from normal viewing angles anyway. His back foot also has a little spot near the heel where the silver coating didn't cover fully, but that's also on the back side. Fingertips on left hand have a sandy finish from casting or finishing imperfection. So much for the 'rigid inspection standards' noted on the certificate. So it's not as perfect as some, and I doubt many are perfect, but displays as well unless you look super close. Multiple pictures/angles are provided. With box and certificate. The 'label' on the box has wrinkled and come somewhat unglued from age, with a tear on the left edge. With only 1800 made, it's lower produced than the more recent Bowen Chrome one (2500 made) that for some reason people are still paying $500-$700 for, and he's just standing there holding his board. I don't get that. This statue is much more dynamic. Some are asking $800 and up for this 30th Ann. one too, don't know why they think they can get that after all these years of it not selling for anywhere near that. But it should. Same price as when it was new...$200 (View both sides) (View from front) (View defects - 2 of board top, 1 bottom, & foot) (View box & COA)

Deadpool decals kit. By Chroma. This is a set of 9 self-stick vinyl decals, which will stick to most smooth surfaces, so not just for vehicles. 2 of the darts/plungers are separate decals, so that makes the nine total. The 'baby/child' figure is 5 9/16" tall by 4 9/16", and the head/mask emblem is 5 1/16" diameter. The others range from 1 3/4" for the darts to 2 1/2" tall for the heads. These STICK, so not movable once stuck, like vinyl clings. Great for fans, and cheaper than anywhere else I've seen them, with some asking double digit prices for some reason. They retail around $7-$8 normally. Yours for just...$4 (View)

Disney Chicken Little Step Counter/Pedometer. 2007 Kellogg's premium. About 2.5"x1.75", hang it on your belt and it counts how many steps you take (it counts STEPS, not distance). Sealed in bag. Will need new batteries now, so only...$1 (View)

"Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" Crash & Eddie "Ice Sliders", from Kellogg's for the animated movie. 2.5" long, plastic, with metal roller underneath to slide on hard surfaces. These are the twin opossum characters. Sealed in bags, except 1 opened for pic. Have 4. Clearance!...$1 ea., or get all 4 for $3! (View)

"Nightspyer" mini-scope, made by Wild Planet, and was a Post cereal mail-in. A 2.5" long faux "night vision" magnifier, it's really just a 2X power monocular scope, with a green L.E.D. light that projects, and "lets you see in the dark up to 25 feet" according to the package. Still sealed in bag and with box, I've tested it a little, works sort of (hard to view through the bag), but don't expect much from it. Ok for young kids. Wild Planet sells the red light version for $5.99, and I think the green light only came from the Post offer. You can have mine for...$3 (View)

"Robots" Piper Pinwheeler racer toy. Kellogg's insert. From the 2005 animated movie, this has "pull-back action," so it can run itself on its wheels. About 2.5" long, and plastic. Have 9, mint in package, but 1 was opened for pic. Clearance!...$1 ea., or only $6 for all 9. (View)

(Batman, Flintstones, Looney Tunes toys etc. are on the Warner Bros. page)

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Die-Cast Cars and other Vehicles:

Captain America jet ski/sea-doo/waverunner vehicle from Hardee's 1990 "Marvel Super Heroes Vehicles" collection. 3" plastic vehicle with figure, has wheels underneath. As new, with bag and ad paper...$1 (View)

Corgi Jr./Junior/Juniors Heroes 12 car Carry Case, with original 6 cars, from the late 1970's. Vehicles match the header sticker too. You get Batman's Batmobile & Batcopter, Spider-Man helicopter, James Bond 007 Lotus Esprit, Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino, and the Kojak Buick. Great near mint condition! I traded for this back in the late '80's I think, and it was still shrink-wrapped, and supposedly never opened. I decided to open it finally to check the cars out better, so here's the scoop: The vehicles are about as nice as you will get in packaging of this type, but most are not perfect, due to the way they can move a bit in their little spaces, against the plastic case. The Spidey Copter's legs have a crack where they attach on the copter on the case-viewable side, but the other side has that top attaching part split off, but the piece is in the case. It looks ok displayed in the case though. (I have a better carded one at the top of the page in the Spider-Man section.) Kojak's Buick and Starsky/Hutch cars have some chrome flakes off on corners and extended points of bumpers, which I'd think is normal for this situation. Batmobile has 1 tiny flake on driver's side rear panel edge, so away from the viewable side in case. Batcopter has couple tiny edge flakes on tail's back edge, and one door deal has some factory fingerprint smudges. Lotus has a couple odd little dark marks on driver's side, look like pen marks, not sure why that would happen at the factory, but you never know. Starsky Torino has some rubbing on the white stripe on driver's side from sliding in the case, but it's a decal, so no paint off; yellowish stripe on trunk in back bumper pic is from glare off the bumper. Kojak car has 1 wheel with some chrome missing, and a few tiny flakes on roof. Otherwise the vehicles are as new, as is the case itself. You won't find these sets easily anymore, and especially in this condition. Great gift for the Corgi or TV/Super Hero fan. I have larger pics of each car I can email too...$85 (View case) (View all cars—300kb pic, very 'tall' too)

Matchbox Flamerods/Flame Rods, an early '90s cereal mail-in. Sealed in bags. All have "exclusive to this offer" flame decals. For completists, they're a must have. I think I found them in some guide a few years back for $8-10, and I had them at shows for $8, sold a couple, but want to get rid of them, so reduced the prices. Sold out of the Corvette. I have:
'33 black Willys Street Rod (misspelled on bottom as "Streey", 1982 model), and 1987 yellow Ford Bronco II...$3 each (View both)

Matchbox Rice Krispies Ford Model A truck/van, an early 1990s Kellogg's cereal mail-in. Has the 1979 copyright on chassis from when they first did that model truck, so don't fall for that 'made in 1979, so old and rare' b.s. on auctions. Not that old, not rare. Still bagged, have 7. Clearance!...$1 ea. (View)

(NASCAR die-cast is on the Sports page)

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