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This page has my gallery of Star Trek paintings by award winning sci-fi/fantasy artist Sonia R. Hillios. All are fully original art, approved by Paramount, and purchased directly from Sonia, and all but one are professionally and beautifully framed too. All artwork has been published on various licensed items, so they also have that "cachet" going for them. Most are below appraised value (from years ago too), and in my opinion are some of the best Trek art for the price you can find. Click here to jump down to the list and skip the blah-blah, or click on the above pics for larger ones. My other Trek merchandise is on my regular Star Trek page, including a few comics signed by Sonia. See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions.

See my Feedbacks page for testimonials, like: "I have bought several thousand dollars in collectibles from Charles over the years and always found him to be very trustworthy with the money, speed of service, communications, and descriptions of the items he sells." - JB Sudderth, entry #177

PLEASE read the main points on the "How to Order" page if interested in buying anything, before you e-mail or call me, thanks. I can take credit card orders via Square's Invoice program. I'm NOT buying, thanks. Site navigation links are at the bottom of all pages. "View" links are set to open in a new window/tab, so just close them to return here.

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Sonia R. Hillios has done Star Trek and Star Wars art for Hamilton plates, DC comics, novels, trading cards, magazine covers, lithographs etc., and her work is gorgeous! And she's one of the nicest people you'll ever deal with. You can see more of her work at (will open in new window/tab). I bought some of her originals in the late 1990's, and then later bought some more during a once-in-a-lifetime sale for past customers, as I couldn't let the deals go by. But I need the money back more than I need the paintings now.

So now's your chance to buy some of these one-of-a-kind paintings, well below appraised value. I think that Sonia's art is a bargain compared to what you can pay for some fancy lithographs and Cibachrome prints, some of which list for $3000-4000, and those are COPIES folks, not the original. If you have that kind of money, why not buy an original in the same ballpark? Why pay $3000-$8500 for a lithograph there's 500-2500 of, just because it's signed by most of the cast of one of the shows, who will be signing stuff for years to come, when you could own an original painting of published art for less? You don't need to be Spock to see the logic in that. And compared to what some original pen & ink (black & white art) and painted small comic book cover art sells for, even more recent ones by big name artists, and what other Trek artists ask for theirs, these are a steal.

So get in on these great pieces and prices now before they go into other people's collections. Explore strange new looks from spouses, seek out new lines of credit, new depths of debt, and boldly buy something that no one (except me) has bought before! Note: If paying by check or money order, I will need a signed order/invoice before shipping any painting. This can be printed and snail-mailed to me. But I need a signed order to help protect against fraud and to help with any disputes that may arise, to comply with procedures of my State Attorney's office. You will have to sign for the painting when it comes too, obviously.

There's a notice taped on the back that is supposed to stay with the art, basically stating that all copyrights and reproduction rights to the images are reserved by Paramount and the artist, and that you can't reproduce the art in any form without permission. This means you can't go making posters and lithographs and the like from the originals without permission or paying a licensing fee to Paramount. And don't hotlink to the pics from here to use elsewhere either, that's bandwidth theft. Thanks.

All art is hand painted by Sonia using a variety of techniques, including airbrush. Framed with "acrylic glazing" (plastic type), not glass, so they're much safer to ship. Shipping estimates will vary by carrier and other factors. UPS will likely be the carrier of choice, or possibly the Post Office.

The list:

Clicking on "View" will open the pictures in a new window/tab, so you don't have to keep hitting "back" and reloading this page. Due to camera quirks, some background "suns" or white spots appear larger/brighter than in person, some frames will have reflection spots, and colors may be off a little, as everyone's monitor settings are different. I tweaked things so they looked reasonably close on my monitor. "Image area" refers to the dimensions of the art showing inside the mat.

"Deanna Troi" − Made for the Star Trek Next Generation Porcelain Card Collection from Hamilton. Waist-up portrait of our favorite Betazoid counselor, as played by Marina Sirtis. Beautiful! Nicely framed & matted in 2-level black metal. Framed size is 22"Wx29"H, image area is about 15.5"x20.5". Her tunic is a bit more aqua in person than blue, but I can't seem to get it aqua in pics. Back when I bought this, Sonia's similar size portraits of other main crew members were priced at $4900-$5500, but Troi was lower priced for some reason, so I grabbed it up...$3,999 (View)

"Enterprise NCC 1701-D" − This was made into a poster by StarStruck Corp, called "Space, the Final Frontier" (View). Beautiful image of the second most famous Enterprise ship. Very large, framed size is 44"Wx34"H, image area showing is 34"x24". Thick gunmetal metal frame, triple matted. Ship art is very popular for posters, and very few original paintings of the Enterprise D are ever for sale...$7,999 (View)

"Kirk's Lost Love" − This was done for the cover of the 1989 DC comic book series #75. A classic image of the '60s TV series era James T. Kirk, with his "lost love" Carol Marcus (the 2.0 versions now immortalized in the "Star Trek: Into Darkness" movie), the Enterprise 1701A overhead, a shuttle craft, and the San Francisco Bay bridge. Beautifully framed with a black and gold accented metal frame, and matching matting, this is one of the best pieces of Star Trek original comic art you'll find. Framed size is 27.5"Wx38"H, image area is 19"x29". Be the envy of your Starfleet chapter with this on your wall! Will throw in a choice of other Trek/Kirk collectibles, and the signed-by-Sonia #75 comic too! (See my other Sonia signed comics on the Star Trek or DC Comics pages.) Appraised back in 1995 for $7500, you can buy it, yes you KHAAAAAAANNNNN! For...$4,999 (View) (View comic)
NOTE: This is also on consignment at, the link will go direct to my listing. They will sell/ship to buyers outside the U.S., so that's an option for those people. I MIGHT be able to do that (consign to them) for other paintings too, so inquire.

"Klingon Bird of Prey" − Made for the Next Generation Porcelain Card Collection from Hamilton. Two Bird of Prey ships patrol past a blazing sun. Thick black plastic frame, semi-dark green outer mat with multiple inner matting. Framed size is 38.5"Wx29"H, image area is 28"x18.5". Be the pride of the Empire and the envy of every other Klingon House with this hanging in the back window of your shuttle craft, with your bumper sticker that says "My other ship is a Bird of Prey." Appraised back in 1995 for $5800, now just K'plop down...$3,900 (View)

"Locutus" − Made for the Next Generation Porcelain Card Collection from Hamilton. A tribute to the fan favorite episode of "Best of Both Worlds," this features a nice head shot of Capt. Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) as his Borg identity "Locutus," with a Borg cube ship holding the Enterprise D in a tractor beam. Double metal frames (outside one is dark purple, inside is black), and double matted in a gray mat, and inner gold mat. Framed size is 22"Wx27"H, image area is 13.5"x18.5". I didn't get as much off this one as 3 of the others listed, as I bought it before that sale, so it's discounted only a little bit. Locutus says, "Buy this. Resistance is futile. Your money will be assimilated. Make it sold! I'm the leader of the X-Men too, and I'm in your mind, so buy this!" Appraised at $4500 back in 1995 when it was done...$3,999 (View)

"Strange New Worlds V" − Made for the cover of the paperback novel of the same name, features most of the more famous ships of Starfleet, from all eras, zooming away from Earth, with a large Roman numeral "V" imposed over Earth. Enterprise 1701D is the centerpiece, surrounded by (clockwise) the Daedalus (one of the early Starfleet ships), Defiant, the original Enterprise 1701, Reliant, Voyager, and Enterprise B. Ship art is very popular with posters, and here you get all the main ones on one piece—THE piece, not some paper copy. NOT framed, but matted in gray marble outer mat and black inner mat, on foam core board. Matted size is 20"Wx30"H, image area is 13.5"x18.5". Done in 2001, appraised in 2003 for $4500....$2,999 (View)

And for anyone who has the dough and wants more than 1 painting, we can talk about further discounts, if that charges your dilithium crystals, fires your photon torpedo, energizes your matter, ejects your warp core, presses your latinum bar, regenerates your Borg drone, makes your tribble purr—ok I'll stop.

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