Here at the Collectibles Shop website you'll find a wide variety of pop culture memorabilia for sale for well below usual guide prices. Comic books (some CGC graded), superhero, cartoon items, science fiction, related toys, art, magazines, sports, and more merchandise, with as much as 75% off cover price on clearance comics. Buy back your childhood memories, stuff your parents threw out, fill holes, start a collection, buy gifts for the collector you know, or send people here to buy presents for you! FYI: I'm a private collector selling my stuff online, or in person for local sales (Sarasota to Venice, FL area); no store, not a business, but have been a show dealer in the past. Don't let that deter you from buying from me, I have years of experience as an honest buyer and seller, via mail-order, conventions, and on the internet. You'll get faster, better, and more personal service than most of the big dealers and sites, and satisfaction is guaranteed on condition of my items!

See my Feedbacks page for my customer testimonials, so you know you can buy with confidence, like: "I definitely recommend purchasing from The Collectibles Shop. They have great customer service. Every question and concern I had was answered immediately and accurately. My items were received packaged to perfection. They took the time to pack my breakable items in a manner in which I would receive them in one piece. I will gladly purchase from them again." - Cynthia M., Entry #200

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Search box has a 75 character limit. RESULTS WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW/TAB on a Google search results page, so don't panic! The results will be from MY site matches, so just click on the links that match best for what you're looking for. You might want to right-click on the results and choose to open them in a new window/tab too, so you don't have to keep going back to reload that page for the next result. Use terms in quotation marks to get exact results for that phrase (if it exists that way), like for a name or title, if more than 1 word. To get a wider range of results, use just 1 name, or general words from a title. DON'T search on 'all (whatever thing)' to find all listings of something. The search engine will look for the WORD 'all', and you'll get too many non-relevant results. And the results will NOT show ALL the mentions of a word/phrase on every page, just what it thinks is the first relevant one. To find all instances of your search words on a page, use the 'Find' function of your browser, it's usually under 'Edit' or a Menu icon along the top of your browser. Use your browser's Help file to find and use that function.

Check out and bookmark the What's New page for notices of special sales, price reductions and new additions of the last few months. And see my ads on the Sarasota craigslist as we clear out mom's estate stuff. Willing to ship most of it except the large items. Various antique wooden chairs (local pickup only), framed art prints (including an original oil painting by Allda Eugen de Bruycker), china and other dinnerware, antique cooking utensils, Victor Borge 13 DVDs set, and more.

Click on the underlined links in the categories below, and site navigation is at the bottom of all pages. (Jump down to regular Navigation.)

Comic books: Some CGC graded, and back issues of Marvel, DC, Image & Independents, from the 1960's-2000s, from 25%-75% or more off guide or cover price. Most are high grade. And there's the Clearance page too, with .25-$1 comics, and further discounts for quantity.

Comics related & other Art: Various posters, prints, calendars; promo posters, pin-up calendars, 1 large signed Woody Woodpecker animation cel. Plus Original Star Trek paintings by Sonia R. Hillios.

Disney merchandise: Various WDCC items (on clearance!), promos, a very limited Carl Barks watch, magazines, etc.

Magazines: Various back issues - Comics, toys and collectibles price guides/info mags, a few "Men's/mature readers" type, and general Sci-Fi. More on the sci-fi pages too (including TV Guide).

Science Fiction collectibles: Star Trek, Star Wars, and others. Mags, action figures, comics etc.

Sports collectibles: Variety of sports items; mostly baseball, basketball, football, car stuff. Promo cards, a few toys, NASCAR cars & haulers, sports mags/media, exotic car posters, and more.

"The Office" merchandise: Cheap but neat collectibles for the NBC TV show, from Target, almost all gone! 2007 calendar just $3, 2008 World's Best Boss mugs, $10 each.

Toys & Neat Stuff: Various toys − Spider-Man, cartoon & character items, cereal premiums, some die-cast vehicles, oddball stuff, and more.

Warner Bros. collectibles: Variety of WB items, including Batman, Looney Tunes & Hanna-Barbera toys, cereal premiums, beanbag dolls; WB Store and catalog exclusives, and more.

And more cool stuff! Most everything is in new or nice condition too, so more collectible for you.

You'll get quick replies (so if you write me, please check your e-mail later that day/evening, or at least within 24 hours if possible, and AOL users please read the note on my Order page), accurate descriptions prior to the sale, great customer service and fast shipping. Satisfaction guaranteed of course! Call or if you have any questions (JavaScript must be on to see my e-mail links). The HOW TO ORDER page has all contact/payment info (please note the phone hours), and I can take credit card orders via Square's Invoice program. I ship in the U.S. only, and maybe Canada. I'M NOT BUYING OR TRADING, that's stated all over my site, so offers to buy/trade collections or items will be ignored. I'm also not interested in your service, newsletter, or carrying your products, so please don't solicit me with those e-mails, thanks.

Thanks for stopping in, now shop on! Use the hyperlinks above, or the navigation below, which will be at the bottom of all main pages, and there's the full sitemap page that lists the picture sub-pages too.

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