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October New Additions:

CGC graded comics: Sabretooth Special #1, 9.8, $55. (View)
Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1, 9.8, $70. (View)
Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1, #101 9.6, $70. (View)
Venom: Carnage Unleashed #3 9.8, $89. (View)

September New Additions:

CGC graded comics: Avengers Vol. 3 #1, 1998 series, 9.8, $70. (View)
Punisher Annual #1, Vol. 1, got 9.6 somehow, looks 9.8, $40. (View)
Omega Men #3, first full Lobo story, 9.6, $50. (View)
Femme Fatales mag Vol. 5 #7, Jan. 1997, Elvira cover, 9.6, and is the only 1 graded...$100 (View)
Heavy Metal mag, Sept. 1995, painted cover of Julie Strain, signed by Olivia De Berardinis, green Qualified label of course. Got 9.6, looked 9.8 to me. Only 1 graded too...$100 (View)
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 25th anniversary issue, 1989. 9.2, ties for highest graded copy of only 4 graded. Based on only a couple past sales I could find for 1980's issues in lower grades (and $995 asking price for 1982 in 9.0? Really?), will ask...$200 (View)

Please check my Sarasota craigslist ads too, as we clear out mom's estate stuff. Willing to ship most of it except the large items or easily breakable stuff. Various framed art prints, various china/porcelain items, antique and newer kitchen stuff, 1856-S $3 gold coin NGC VF Details grade (View large pic), '70s-'80s vintage purses, various figurines, vintage Osmiroid 75 fountain pen/ink/practice pad/calligraphy books set, TV/Movie/Music CDs and DVDs, and more.

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