This page has all my remaining comics related and other trading cards for sale. Mostly holograms, chase (a.k.a. "inserts"), promos, some singles, from .25-up, plus a few phone cards, and oddball stuff. All cards are generally Near Mint unless noted. After 30 years prices are suddenly jumping on many, especially for graded cards, so grab these now before I jump on the graded card self-driving electric car craze (bandwagons are so last century). See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. I have a few Sports cards on my Sports Collectibles page too.

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(View all my chase/promo cards here, or click "View" next to each listing)

John Saul's book "Creature" lenticular hologram from the bookstore header display (so has some glue residue on the back you can work off). A 3.5"x8" multi-channel hologram, which shows a close-up of a human's eyes behind a football helmet face guard, and they change to a creature's eyes as you tilt it end to end. Picture shows both "full" views. Cool item for you horror fans. Fairly flexible, so could be glued to a Halloween mask, or just on your notebook, or bedroom door etc.. Not perfect, as there's a couple of light swipe lines across the middle, but not scratched, and they only show when glinted...$3 (View)

Single Promos:

Image Comics & related companies:

$.50 each, or 5+ for .40 ea., can combine with other .50 cards:

Misc. Promos:

.50 each, or 5+ for .40 each, can combine with above:

.25 each:

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Promo sheets, Stickers, Misc:

1994 Marvel Masterpieces 4-card sheet: Wolverine, War Machine, Green Goblin, Venom, all painted by the Hildebrandt brothers. Have 4...$5 ea. (View)

1994 Marvel Universe 9-card sheet: Silver Surfer, War Machine, Spider-Man 2099, Scarlet Witch, Thanos, Beast, Venom, and Daredevil...$4 (View)

Wizard's Guide to Pokemon. A 16 page insert mini-magazine, all about collecting Pokemon. Has list of all the cartoon episodes, plus some games/puzzles in back. Margins have pics and names of the initial 150 cards. VF condition...$1 (View)

Regular singles/Lots:

Marvel Masterpieces Series 1, 1992. Painted art by Joe Jusko. These are all I have left: #15 Captain Britain, #27 Dormammu, #42 Leader (2), #48 Major Victory, #53 Mojo, #55 Meggan (2), #60 Morbius, #69 Northstar (3), #72 Quasar (2), #88 Speedball, #99 Tombstone...$1 ea. (View a couple)

Marvel Overpower game, most are 1995, mine are promos that came with various price guides, mags, and comics, some may have been exclusive to those publications. Small group of 11, selling as one batch: Cyclops 'Universe Energy Maximizer', Jubilee Spectrum Tease, Jubilee Energy/Fighting/Strength, Omega Red 'Drain Force' #5, Professor X X-Men Founder, Professor X Energy/Fighting/Strength, Professor X 'Psychic Scan', Sauron #3, Age of Apocalypse (2), Warlock Energy/Fighting/Strength, Intellect (1999)...$5 for all (View)

Marvel Universe Series 3 (1992) Checklist. Have 5. Lists all 200 cards & Holograms. Why are these selling for so much on that auction site (for the non-white border regular ones)? Get mine for...$1 each

RockCards (AKA Rock Cards), Series 1, 1991, by Brockum. Photos of Rock groups and individuals. Have 27 regular cards (17 different, so some dupes, #'s are between 29-284), and 3 of the Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead drummer) #4 Legacy chase. AC/DC, Anthrax, Cinderella, Skid Row, Warrant, and others in this lot. Some people are asking $5-$25 for ONE of the Legacies, others want $20-$40 for the set of 10. I couldn't get .50 for Kreutzmann when these were new and people cared. Some have tiny wear on tips, so not NM. Get all 30 of mine for...$2 (View Kreutzmann card)

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Phone/Calling cards:

(All expired, but unused)

Bruce Lee promos. 1997 Teledebit/MCA. Both have black & white photo images of shirtless Bruce from movie stills. Only 1000 of each made!
#650/1000 (BL1001, 3 minutes), has Bruce with nunchucks.
#601/1000 (BL2002, 15 minutes), has classic stance shot...$9 ea., or $16 for both. (View both)

Julie Bell signed "Robobird", with certificate from Card World Dist., 1995, 10 minutes. Retail was about $20, it cost me $17 new, but yours for only...$13 (View)

Olivia De Berardinis signed "Two Minute Warning" jumbo size, #27 of only 65! 4.25"x6.5", from 1995, by Comic Images and MMC Interactive Exchange. 40 minutes, expired, never used. Beautiful Olivia painting with topless girl (pic censored for my site), they did unsigned ones of this too, but only did 65 signed ones, making this a rare signed Olivia collectible. Jumbos didn't seem to catch on back in the heyday of the phone card explosion, but that usually means down the road they become sought after by completists or collectors of the more unusual. This had a retail price of $60 with Olivia's autograph. Still at original price...$60 (View) (View all my Olivia items here)

Shi vs. Tomoe promos, by Dynamic Entertainment, bagged with Combo magazine #17, June 1996. Full color art by William Tucci & friends, 3 minutes of time, never used. Shi was limited to 3300, Tomoe to 3100. Put next to each other they make one battle art scene. Both cards have a light scuff line or two on them, came that way, but no color off, and you only notice the scuffs when glinting them. If you're a Vampi fan, or Shi/Tomoe completist, you need this. Nice Vampirella cover by Conner & Palmiotti. This special edition issue came with either the Shi or Tomoe card, and I ordered one of each version. So if you want both cards, you need to buy both mags. Bags have been opened, but they have all inserts. Both come with a Fantasy Adventure gaming card too (Mayfair Games); one has #2 War Hawk, other one has #3 Jodian Darklord. Mags are NM. Articles on Vampirella's new direction, How to Play Killer Instinct, Iria (Anime character), interviews with Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), William Stout, George Perez, various columns related to all collecting areas it covers, etc. . Still at cover price...$8 ea., or both for $14 (View)

Snow White, only sold by "Disney Classics" dealers for the in-store 1996 Mother's Day event. Photo of the WDCC statue, 30,000 made. Two left, #'s 10,510 & 12,766. Clearance! Now just...$5 each (View)

Emmitt Smith $2000 sample, 1995 Sprint/Classic Assets football series. No time units, but lots cheaper than the "real" one! Emmitt against the Washington Redskins. Only...$3 (View)

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