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This Collectibles Shop page has all of my remaining "The X-Files" merchandise for sale; mostly magazines, TV Guides, and a couple comic books. Most items are near mint unless noted. See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. See my Feedbacks page for testimonials.

PLEASE read the main points on the "How to Order" page if interested in buying anything, before you e-mail or call me, thanks. I can take credit card orders via Square's Invoice program. I'm NOT buying, thanks. Site navigation links are at the bottom of all pages. "View" links are set to open in a new window/tab, so just close them to return here.

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Audio Books, Comics:

Audio Collection set. 3 sets of 'books on tape' cassettes (6 tapes total, 2 for each book) for the novels of Ground Zero (read by Gillian), Antibodies, and Ruins (both read by Mitch Pileggi), all written by Kevin J. Anderson. Ground Zero is missing tape #1 but has a Madonna album instead, and case 'door' is cracked. Has tape #2 at least. The other two book sets are still shrinkwrapped, so I assume they have both correct tapes. This is how they came to me, second hand, so you'll have to find your own #1 tape, and people are selling them separately. Comes in paperboard slipcase with a good crunch area on the top front, didn't affect the tapes boxes inside. Was $39.95 new in 1996, but everyone is selling them cheap now. Would prefer to sell the whole set at once, so only...$3. Yes, $3. (View)

Wizard ACE #19 (Acetate Cover Edition) comic book, signed by cover artist Miran Kim. 1997. Dealers got 1 of these for every 25 copies of Wizard #73 they ordered. This reprints X-Files #1, with new cover art, both on the overlay and the heavy cardstock cover, so if you're a completist, you need this. With Wizard certificate of authenticity. (Also have the 1st Official mag signed by her, in the mags section.) Was $19.95 new, yours for only...$12 (View actual copy) (View certificate)

X-Files #2 VF. Has 1/2" raised vein/wrinkle line off spine near lower spine corner, and light valley kink near episode title. Clearance!...$1

Digest #1 comic, Topps, ($3.50 cover). New story. Few vertical white printing scuffs near spine. Clearance!...$1 (View)

Magazines & TV Guides:

View all my X-Files mags

Buy 10 or more, and get 20% off.

All are Near Mint unless noted. Larger scans available. I can mail several mags in the Flat Rate Legal size envelope for $6.95.

Official Fan Club:
#1 'A',
1996, Topps, signed on cover by artist Miran Kim (she did the cover painting), w/certificate from American Entertainment Comics, #512/600. Did not come with the inserts...$12 (View) (View certificate)

Second series, #1 issue, Spring 1997. British edition, by Titan Publishing, same cover and interior as U.S. edition, only price and ads are different, and it's a little bigger. Have 6, all have a light kink spot near UPC code, and all have a couple to several decent spine kinks, so average VF. So below cover price at...$4 ea. (View)


Most are newsstand copies, so no mailing labels unless noted.

Cinefantastique, Vol. 26/27, #6/1, Oct. 1995, double size, Mulder/Scully cover painting. Lots of XF stuff! Also has stories on James Bond Goldeneye, Halloween VI, and more horror/sci-fi movies. $11.95 cover, I want...$10 (View)

Cinescape, August 1995, Vol. 1 #11. Mulder/Scully cover, Chris Carter interview about the beginning of the 3rd season. Also interviews/articles with director Kevin Reynolds on Waterworld, Sandra Bullock on The Net, Denzel Washington on Virtuosity, Eric Bogosian on Under Siege 2, Robert Rodriguez on Desperado, Scott Bakula on Lord of Illusions, and usual roundup of Sci-Fi TV/movie news. Nice NM shape...$5 (View)

DreamWatch #61, October 1999. Nice Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy cover. Comes with an exclusive Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast photo trading card, AND a photo print of Sarah/Buffy! Listed on this page because it has an interview with Dean Haglund of XF's Lone Gunmen; other interviews/articles with Gellar; Will Smith on Wild Wild West; Star Wars The Phantom Menace; Deep Space Nine; Richard Biggs on Babylon 5/Crusade, and more. Have 2 NM copies...$6 ea. (View mag & print)

Entertainment Weekly, July 10, 1998. David & Gillian cover. X-Files 'Fight the Future' movie coverage; Armageddon/Michael Bay; 1998 movie studio scorecard. Has printed address label; mild ding/bend upper right tip; back cover has some reading stress and kinks along spine, so say Very Fine-...$2 (View)

Inquest #23, March 1997. A gaming card mag, Visions "Archangel" cover. Have 2 copies, sealed with cards; one has XF CCG card "Colonel Wharton, Zombie Master" and SimCity "Park" card; and one has XF CCG card "The Gregors", plus SimCity card "Barn", plus all have Visions checklist and Player's guide. Article on Star Wars Tatooine Vacation Guide. $3.99 cover...$2 ea. (View)

Movieline, May 1997, David Duchovny cover story. Also has Morgan Freeman, Jon Voight, and Cindy Crawford and more. VF+, has 2 medium spine kinks...$3 (View)

Movieline, Dec./Jan. 1998, Gillian Anderson cover story. One of my favorite covers of hers. Also has James Cameron, Bridget Fonda, Sam Neill and Matt Damon...$4 (View)

Movieline, Dec./Jan. 1999, Gillian Anderson cover story. Also has Helena Bonham Carter, Nick Nolte, Jonathan Schaech, and Kevin Williamson...$4 (View)

Overstreet's "Fan" comics price guide #16 (Oct. '96), bag opened, but has an X-Files Season 3 promo card P4 (View), Spawn Fan Edition comic #1 (guides for $7 alone), Witchblade promo card...$6 (View mag & comic)

Parade, March 25, 2012. Sandra Lee cover/interview (cookbook/lifestyle expert), and Gillian Anderson 1 page interview inside...$1 (View)

Starlog #215, June 1995. Has a 4 1/2 page interview with Duchovny, with multiple pictures. "Congo" movie cover story. Articles/interviews with Batman's butler Michael Gough; Jerry O'Connell (for Sliders); Sullivan Walker (for Earth 2); Edward Kerr (for SeaQuest DSV); Nigel Bennett (for Forever Knight); Peter Purves (early Doctor Who); Donald Pleasance and more. About Fine/Very Fine, with minor handling kinks, 1/4" corner crease lower right. No tears, writing, or mailing label. $4.99 cover, yours for only...$2 (View)

Verge, April 1998, Gillian Anderson cover story. $2.99 cover. Interview and several nice full page pics of her. Not widely carried at the time, so a bit harder to find...$5 (View)

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Nice British based sci-fi mag, has articles on most sci-fi shows, paranormal events, almost always something X-Files in it. All are U.S. editions, and near mint unless noted. Cover price is $4.99, but yours for $4 each:

#2, Sept. 1996. XF season #2 episode guide, Nicholas Lea (Krycek) interview, Hannibal Lechter/Anthony Hopkins cover, etc. (View)

#43, Feb. 2000. Scream 3/Courtney Cox cover. Angel (Buffy's boy), Beastmaster, Earth Final Conflict, etc.. Have 2. (View)

#45, May 2000. "The Others" cover, small Duchovny photo too, and interview. Plus Xena's Kevin Smith (Ares), Angel, Sliders, etc. (View)

#46, June 2000. Tom Cruise/MI-2 (Mission Impossible 2) cover. Small Buffy cover pic too, plus the "X-Philes" documentary, Outer Limits, Earth Final Conflict, etc.. Have 2. (View)

TV Guide issues:

All are newsstand copies, as good as I could get. Most are normal near mint to NM- as newsstand copies go, ask for details.

July 6-12, 1996, "Exposure." Gillian Anderson cover story. Has nice foldout "poster" of Gillian too (View poster), plus other pics. Have 2...$2.50 ea. (View)

May 18-24, 2002, "The End is Near", David & Gillian cover...$2.50 (View)

Buy everything for $100, saves $42.50 off single prices!

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