Picture page for Walt Disney Classics Collection promo postcards for sale from Collectibles Shop. Nice condition, unused, .50-$1. Have 2 of Snow White, Cupid, Mr. Smee, Wicked Witch. More stuff on my Disney Merchandise page.

Large 5.75"x8.75" postcards, $1 ea. Left to right:
Donald Duck & Nephews, Peter Pan, Centaurettes, Snow White

WDCC Donald Duck nephews postcard image WDCC Peter Pan postcard image WDCC Fantasia Centaurettes postcard image WDCC Snow White postcard image

Small 4"x6" postcards, $.50 ea. Left to right:
Cruella DeVil, Fantasia Cupid, Mr. Smee, Wicked Witch, Three Little Pigs

WDCC Cruella DeVil postcard image WDCC Cupid postcard image WDCC Mr. Smee postcard image WDCC Wicked Witch postcard image WDCC Three Little Pigs postcard image

Buy all 13 postcards for $7.

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