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This page has all my remaining Star Wars merchandise for sale. Mostly 1990s vintage magazines, comics, and 2013 figural mugs, well under guide or cover price, and further discounted for groups. See my What's New page for site-wide sales announcements and price reductions. See my Feedbacks page for testimonials.

PLEASE read the main points on the "How to Order" page if interested in buying anything, before you e-mail or call me, thanks. I can take credit card orders via Square's Invoice program. I'm NOT buying, thanks. Site navigation links are at the bottom of all pages. "View" links are set to open in a new window/tab, so just close them to return here.

MAY you have THE money, and FORCE yourself to BE spending it WITH me, thank YOU!" (Ancient Jedi mind trick...)

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Comics, Misc. Collectibles:

Star Wars #99 comic, NM. 1977 Marvel series, have 2. How can these still be $12-$15 in guides? Buy mine for only...$4 each (View)

Star Wars UK Monthly #7. Oversize 8"x11", from 1992. Produced in England and imported by Dark Horse. Says "All New Stories start this issue," but I think the Tales of the Jedi story is a reprint, but it has a new "Bounty Hunter of Ord-Mantell" story, and I think a new Indiana Jones story. Cool thing was this issue came with an exclusive (so they said at the time) "May The Force Be With You" button (View) taped to the cover, which I've seen some asking $7 or more for just the button. I have 2 copies, and I removed the buttons. One copy is Near Mint, with the button impression, other one has a few little color flakes from pulling off the tape, but pretty minor, and it has some tape left on the margin. NM copy is $4, VF one is $2, buttons are $5 each. (View)

Fan Club Kit, 1997 I think. Has 5 postcards, 16"x22" folded poster by Drew Struzan, says "created exclusively for the Official Star Wars Fan Club," and art was for the cover of the book, "George Lucas: The Creative Impulse," unused membership card, letter...$8 (View whole kit) (View postcards)

Mini candy dispensers, by Galerie. All as new, candy still sealed within. Only released at Christmas time, so if you missed them, here you go:
2013 Darth Vader in Santa hat. 5" tall, makes heavy breathing sounds, but not very loud. 1 left, has a weak battery now, and they are not replaceable. They only did the Santa hat version in 2013, so why isn't this 'variant' going for $20 by now like they do with the action figures with tiny little differences? Seen some sell for $10 on that auction site, but my price is just...$6 each
2018 BB-8/BB8 (4) and R2-D2/R2D2 (5) droids. 4.5" tall, they bleep/bloop...$4.99 each, or get a set of all 3 for $13 (View all)

Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Yoda figural goblet mugs. As seen on The Big Bang Theory in Season 6, episode 1, used by Raj and Stuart! (View screen cap) All you U.S. people searching for 'Star Wars becher', why aren't you buying these? I have about the lowest prices I've seen, especially on a set of 3, so why pay more? Mine are the fall 2013 release, in the green & gray box, by Galerie. Comes with 2 oz. of hot chocolate cocoa mix. 5.5" tall (NOT 5 3/4"-6" like so many auction sellers state), 'big head/little body' style, ceramic. NOT for microwave or dishwasher. No handles. Seasonal limited edition production. All of the Vaders have short to several inch long tears in the window cellophane. The cello/shrink-wrap is meant for removal anyway, so not discounting for torn windows. 1 Yoda has a mushed box on the top/front, so if you don't mind that, let me know. One Chewie is turned backwards somehow, and others may be somewhat sideways, and who knows how they'll end up during shipping. Another 1 had the tie-strap torn away from the box, so I opened it and reattached the strap and taped the cellophane at the bottom. I think retail was $11.99-$14.99, but there's nothing on the box or Galerie's site about price. If you have them already, buy more for holiday gifts, housewarmings, birthdays, graduation, anniversary, Valentine's Day, office presents, Star Wars Day ("May the 4th be with you") etc.. For you purists, this is the last time these are licensed by Lucasfilm (it's Disney for 2014 and beyond). These weigh a bit under 1.5 lbs each, so a 2 lb. rate for 1, 4 lbs. for 2, and 5 lbs. for 3 I think. So at least $8.30 to about $14.20 to mail 1 at Retail Ground rates, depending on your zone from FL. I have 3 Vaders, 4 Yodas, and 18 Chewbaccas left. Buy mine and resell them if you want.
Darth Vader, Yoda...$8 each
Chewbacca...$6.50 ea., or buy 10 for $50! (View all 3 boxed & loose)
Buy a set of all 3 for only $18!


(View all my Star Wars mags here, or individually with 'View' links)

I can mail several mags in the Flat Rate Legal size envelope for $7.65.

Collecting Toys, Feb. 1997 issue, with Darth Vader cover. This issue has interview with Lucasfilm's Stephen Sansweet, with pics of lots of Star Wars toys in his collection, and articles on Hot Wheels, toy soldiers, Six Million Dollar Man toys, etc.. Not a price guide. $3.95 cover...$1 (View)

Inquest #26, June '97. Great photo cover of Luke rescuing Leia (in slave outfit) on the sail barge. Sealed. Interview with Walter Koenig (Chekov on Star Trek), guide to Bespin's Cloud City, Middle Earth Lidless Eye checklist, and booklet about Wizards of the Coast summer camps. I bet most Star Wars fans missed this. 2 copies...$8 ea. (View)

Parade, October 28, 2007 Natalie Portman cover and 3 page article by her, plus Brady interview with Anthony Hopkins. 3 minor moisture spots on back cover from wet fingers, near edge, minor kink area top right on front...$1 (View)

Parade mag Dec. 3, 2017 − The Last Jedi cover featuring Chewbacca, 2+ page article, and interview with Mark Hamill...$1 (View)

Sci-fi Collector #1 (Beckett, April '99) − articles and price guide for various Sci-fi stuff, including lots of Star Wars (Phantom Menace toys, CCG cards, Dark Horse comics), Star Trek, Babylon 5, X-Files CCG, Buffy, etc., both cards and toys. VF. $4.99 cover...$2 (View)

Starlog #191, w/Jabba the Hutt promo card, for the 1993 Galaxy cards set. Only sold through comic shops, not on newsstands. George Lucas interview, preview of Jurassic Park theme park, Rene Auberjonois interview (Odo on Deep Space 9), more. $4.95 cover. Have 3 sealed copies...$3 ea. (View)

Star Wars Galaxy, Vol. 1., 1994. $4.95 cover price. Polybags are "opened", but they have all inserts and original bags. Mags are NM unless noted, and under cover price at $4 each! I see sellers asking $5-$10 for just the single cards, and some people actually paying that! Why, when you can get the whole package for less?

#8 − Summer 1996. "The Dark Side" issue. Has C1 Cover Gallery #8 card (of the cover obviously), Shadows of the Empire promo card #4 (Hildebrandt painting of Dash Rendar), and 14x20" poster of the cover, with bios of the main Sith Lords on back...$4 (View mag and cards)

#9 − Fall 1996. VF due to kink spot near bottom, goes through the mag. But has the fancy Darth Vader 3Di promo card #1, C2 promo card of the Hildebrandt cover, and folded 14x20" Hildebrandt poster of Millennium Falcon. Poster has some light bends on a corner...$4 (View mag and cards)

#10 − Winter 1997. Trilogy special, with Jabba the Hutt Widevision P2 promo card, C3 Joe Jusko art card of the cover, & 14x20" poster of a screen shot of X-Wing fighters attacking the Death Star, with more 'new' scenes from the Special Trilogy release on the back...$4 (View mag and cards)

Star Wars Insider (fan club), $4.50 cover price. Lots of interviews, special effects articles, merchandise section etc.:
#34 − Mark Hamill cover and interview, prequel casting. F/VF due to 4" upward bend line in Hamill's forearm area, goes thru a few pages...$1.50 (View)

#35 − Fan Club exclusive Tie Fighter Pilot cover. VF due to various kinks from mailing. Has bound-in 3 panel 23" long poster painting of a Rebel attack on Empire Destroyers, very nice!...$3 (View)

Time Magazine Star Wars Special. Feb. 10, 1997. Address info on label inked out, o/w NM...$2 (View)

TV Guide − 3 different, all for The Phantom Menace: May 15, 1999 #1 cover (Anakin, R2D2, C3PO), or #3 cover (Obi-Wan, 2 copies), or June 18, 1999 #1 cover (Jar Jar Binks). Newsstand issues, no mailing label. Slightly used condition (some bends and kinks). Were $1.49 cover, yours for...$1 each, or 3 for $2. (View)

Buy ALL the mags, club kit, comics stuff for $73, saves another 20%!

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