Picture page for Sports cards for sale from Collectibles Shop. Most single cards are promos/samples. Details on my Sports Collectibles page. Buy them all for $48, saves $10.


Ken Griffey Jr. cards set image
1992 Playball USA Ken Griffey Jr. 6 card sets $5 ea., $8 both

Baseball promo cards image
Lot of 33 Cereal/Food promo cards (some are 2 packs), $3

Basketball promo sheets, $1 ea., or .50 ea. if you buy all of either group!:

Fleer 1991 basketball promo card sheet image
1991 Fleer NBA 9 card sheet
Fleer 1995 basketball promo card sheet image
1995/96 Fleer Ultra NBA 6 card sheet


McDonald's/Fleer 1993 Miami Dolphins Gameday sheets B & C $1 ea., or $5 for all 9 sheets!:

Miami Dolphins 1993 gameday cards sheet B image
Miami Dolphins 1993 gameday cards sheet C image

Marshall Faulk 1995 promo card image
Marshall Faulk Game Breakers, .50
Keyshawn Johnson 1996 rookie promo card image
Keyshawn Johnson Rookie, .50
Emmitt Smith sample phone card image
Emmitt Smith $2000 sample Phone Card $3


Bruce Lee phone cards image
Bruce Lee phone cards $9 ea., $16 for both.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. hologram card image
Post Cereal Earnhardt Jr. hologram, $1 ea.

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