Picture page for Sports cards for sale from Collectibles Shop. Most single cards are promos/samples. Details on my Sports Collectibles page. Buy them all for $48, saves $10.


Ken Griffey Jr. cards set image
1992 Playball USA Ken Griffey Jr. 6 card sets $5 ea., $8 both

Baseball promo cards image
Lot of 33 Cereal/Food promo cards (some are 2 packs), $3


Fleer 1991 basketball promo card sheet image Fleer 1995 basketball promo card sheet image
1991 Fleer NBA 9 card sheet, 1995/96 Fleer Ultra NBA 6 card sheet, $1 ea., or .50 ea. if you buy all of either group!


Miami Dolphins 1993 gameday cards sheet B image Miami Dolphins 1993 gameday cards sheet C image
McDonald's/Fleer 1993 Miami Dolphins Gameday sheets B & C $1 ea., or $5 for all 9 sheets!

Marshall Faulk 1995 promo card image Keyshawn Johnson 1996 rookie promo card image
Marshall Faulk Game Breakers, Keyshawn Johnson Rookie, .50 ea.

Emmitt Smith sample phone card image
Emmitt Smith $2000 sample Phone Card $3


Bruce Lee phone cards image
Bruce Lee phone cards $9 ea., $16 for both.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. hologram card image
Post Cereal Earnhardt Jr. hologram, $1 ea.

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